Natural Cures for Skin Rashes

Having a skin rash can be really irritating and most come along with an itch.  It’s bad enough having itchy skin.  There are some natural ways to help with skin rashes.

Below are links to some skin conditions and natural cures for skin rashes.

Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what this skin rash is and what has triggered it. Eczema and Psoriasis are two skin conditions that create itchy rashes.

There may be something on one of these pages that will help you figure out what is irritating your skin and maybe a possible solution to helping it.



What is Rosacea


Dry Winter Skin Cures


How to get rid of Psoriasis the Natural Way


Treating Eczema the Naturally


Acne and the best treatments


Cold Sores












I am well versed when in comes to allergies, my father and sister both had psoriasis, myself I had eczema as did my Uncle and brother.

We all had flare-ups and some days with no irritation. My children were fortunate as it seems to have skipped a generation – other than the hay fever. But my grandson now suffers from eczema. Natural treatments seem to help with is outbreaks, but it has been hard finding the triggers.

A trigger I  never thought of and we figured out while doing construction was drywall dust! My poor grandson was just covered in eczema after they drywalled a room in the house. He had to come stay with Grandma until the construction was done.

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6 Responses to Natural Cures for Skin Rashes

  1. Darren says:

    This is quite an interesting post of remedies and cures for various skin rashes, and will definitely prove helpful to those suffering psoriasis and allergies.

    I’ve suffered my own skin affliction periodically since I was 16. It’s called tinea versicolour, which is a type of yeast fungus that appears on the skin in either white or brown spots. It has proven very hard to get rid of at times. Do you know if your remedies (or know of any remedies) that will cure this?

    • Teresa says:

      Hello Darren thanks for stopping by the website. I was just at a sale this weekend and a lady came to buy her usual Charcoal Soap and Tea Tree Soap. She told me that she suffers from tinea versicolour and it has been the only thing that has helped. She has been using these two soap for a little over a year now. You can find them here Link to Tea Tree and Charcoal Soaps

  2. Kerri says:

    I like your article about the different natural cures for skin rashes. I have a daughter who has terrible acne at times and has difficulty getting rid of it. I knew that tea tree would help, but am fascinated about the activated charcoal. We have used activated charcoal for other things, but never thought to use it for acne.

    • Teresa says:

      Hi Kerri, I have been making soap with activated charcoal for some time now and have alot of people using it for acne with great success.

  3. Shadisharrah says:

    Wow great article, I’ve been looking for this from a long long time ago, but I couldn’t find one that can actually help, I needed to know, [I say I needed cuz I have already read your article that was really helpful:)]! I need this for some quite important suppose, and my skin is really drying up, any advise treat it? Thanks!

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