Craft Fairs and Festivals – what do I need?

Craft Fair EventI have a couple Craft Fair to do lists – the first one is for what I need to do the weeks leading up to an events.  Not all craft fairs and festivals are the same so the lists can vary a bit.

Below you will find the items that are included in my lists.

After you have applied for a craft fair, event or festival

here are some things to do:

  • Add the event to your calendar

I have a large wall calendar that sits next to my computer where I can see at a glance what is up and coming.

If you have a website you can add the event to a calendar on your website as well.

  • How much product will you need?

If it’s an event I’ve done before, I look back to see what I sold the previous year and bring some extra.

If it is a first time event.  I bring what I think based on events that I have attended that could be similar.

  • Post the event to your social media pages

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

  • Write a facebook or blog post

writing about the upcoming event, giving all your customer and customers to be informations on days and times of the event.

  • Get ready to leave for show

Make hotel reservations, finds someone to look after your animals, water your plants, pick up your mail etc.

  • For outdoors shows make sure to pack
    1. Your Tent or Canopy
    2. Weights for Tent
    3. Sunscreen, bug repellent
    4. Water
    5. Tent walls or other shade ie: Umbrella
  1. Personal Items and Tools
    1. Snacks, Lunch, Water
    2. Apron or money pouch
    3. Comfortable shoes
    4. Bandages
    5. Calculator
    6. Cash Box – if not using money pouch
    7. Notebook
    8. Receipt Book
    9. Credit Card Reader (Square)
    10. Paper Towel or wipes
    11. Scissors
    12. Pen or pencil
    13. Tape
    14. Paper Clips
    15. Binder clips
    16. Hammer (to put pegs in)
    17. Garbage bags
    18. Cart to haul stock
    19. Helper – for breaks
    20. Fishing Line (to attach signs)

  2. Booth Setups etc.
    1. Signs
    2. Business Cards
    3. Table
    4. Bags for purchased products
    5. Display racks
    6. Shelving
    7. Stool or chair
    8. Banners
    9. Table coverings
    10. Backdrop (if needed)
    11. Booth floor (if needed)

I hope this helps you with packing for your first events.

Part of getting ready for the event, for me is to list all the inventory as I am packing the stock up.

The reason I do this is because I have found that at some events you may be busy or forget to write down what has sold.  Another reason is so I know what is selling and what is not

When I have returned from the event.  I take that list and as I am unpacking I record what is left (what I am unpacking) This will tell me what has sold.  Each scent, size etc.

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