Grocery Store Soap Recipe

Grocery Store Soap Recipe

I’m calling this soap the Grocery Store Soap Recipe because everything you need for this recipe can be bought at the grocery store.

This is a great recipe for the person who is just starting out with soap making or just wants to make a small batch of soap for Christmas Presents or other gifts.  This recipe will make about 20 – 4ounce bars which should be plenty for Christmas Gifts.

Grocery Store Soap

  • 795 Grams  Olive Oil
  • 565 Grams Coconut Oil
  • 450 Grams Lard
  • 256 Grams Sodium Hydroxide
  • 510 Grams Water

This bar will be very moisturizing and with lots of Olive and Coconut oil you will find the soap will have great lather.  With the high amount of Olive oil in this soap recipe, this bar will become nice and hard once cured and will not turn to slime if it’s left in a bit of water while showering.  Just don’t leave it soaking in water.

Once cut these bars should be set out to cure for a about 5 weeks.  The longer they cure the harder they will become.

The only ingredient you may not be able to get at the Grocery store is the sodium hydroxide, but you can order it on-line or possibly find it at the local hardware store.

Here are some links should you choose to order your ingredients from the comfort of your home.

Kiss Naturals Soap Making Kit – DIY for Kids Crafts Kit – 100% Natural Spa Soaps for Kids – Soap Making STEM Creative Kit (Made in Canada)

To make soap from scratch with the above ingredients.

You could buy the above ingredients from Amazon.  One of each except for the coconut oil two jars would be required.

The total cost would be $98.62, and there would be some supplies left over for the next batch of soap, but even at a cost of $98.62 that would calculate out to about 4.93 for a large 4 ounce bar of soap.

Always make sure to follow the soap making instructions

Soap Making Instructions

This soap makes a pretty inexpensive gift.

Happy Soap Making
Learn how to make your own skin loving soap

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