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Buying Soap supplies online

Recently I have been doing some shopping on Amazon and I have been seeing more and more soap supplies that can be bough through their site. If you want to try to make soap or are just starting out it might be a good way to get some reasonably priced supplies.

Below are the supplies I found and think are not to bad in price is your wanting to start making soap for yourself, your friend and family or for gifts.

Soap Making Oils

The 5 top soap making oils

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Pomace Grade Organic Carrier Natural Cold Pressed Pure 7 LB, 1 gal, 3178 ml

Coconut Oil

Rockwell’s Whole Foods Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 4000 Milliliter


Palm Oil

Palm Kernel Oil Organic Carrier Cold Pressed Sustainable Natural 100% Pure 7 LB, 1 gal, 3178 ml

Castor Oil

Castor Oil Organic USP Grade Cold Pressed Hexane Free Premium Quality Prime Pure 7 LB, 1 gal, 3178 ml

Grape Seed Oil


Grapeseed Oil Organic Cold Pressed Premium Quality Natural 100% Pure 4 oz, 118 ml

Now all you need is a recipe – You can find simple soap recipes using these oils Soap Making Recipes

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