How to Line a Soap Mold

Line a Soap Mold

How to line a Soap Mold – or what to line a soap mold with.

Most of the time I use freezer paper to line my wooden soap molds, some people use plastic garbage bags or spend the money and buy molds that have silicone inserts.  Here is some information on lining your soap molds.

For my hinged wooden boxes, I use freezer paper, which can be used over and over again if you want to.  The soap-making process doesn’t damage the freezer paper so this is a possibility.  Sometimes the ends will get torn though while taking the soap out of the mold.

Here is a

20 Long Wood Soap Mold w Silicone Liner Insert, Professional, Removable Sides by Crafter’s Choice

Although it appears the paper has not been damaged at all I still like to use a fresh lining for every batch of soap I make, mostly because I end up tearing or ripping the paper as I’m taking it off the soap.

Freezer paper can be bought in a large roll and put in a stand for easy access.

Weston 83-4010-W Freezer Refill Roll

My husband made a stand that holds a very large roll of freezer paper.  This stand has a  cutter making it easy to cut the paper to length.

It looks something like the one below.  The ones pictured below are available at Amazon for a reasonable price.  If you are making lots of soap I really recommend getting one of these, it just makes one part of the job a little easier.
LEM Products W035B Paper Cutter with Freezer, 15″

UltraSource Paper Roll Dispenser/Cutter, 18″ Width

Freezer paper seems to be the liner of choice for most soap makers.

I also use plastic garbage bags to line my smaller batches.  The soap does not have any effect on the lining and I do reuse these a couple of times.

Using plastic garbage bags to line your mold is easier than using freezer paper, and it is probably easier to find than a large roll of freezer paper.

Just be sure to use garbage bags, I would not recommend grocery bags, yes they are free which would be a bonus, but they are made from plastic degrades and does not hold up well.

In the beginning, I used to try and fit the corners of the soap mold with plastic or freezer paper but learned that with wooden molds it is not necessary to do that.

Now I just make sure the molds are lined on the sides, as it is easy enough to cut the ends out of the mold.

If you do crease or mold your paper to fit the ends of the molds, you can save these end pieces (that will have the creases embedded) and sell them at a discounted price.  I often sell my end pieces.

Here is a video showing how to line soap mold sides and all.

End pieces can also be diced up and added to a new soap base.  This way you will get an interesting-looking bar with chunks of the previous batched soap embedded in the new bar.

When I started making soap I didn’t find any molds for sale, so my husband made all of mine for me.

Today there are many nice molds with liners below you will see some that are available.

I have not used them because mine are still in good working order, but I have heard from many people that say these newer molds work very well.

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