Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits

About Rosemary

Rosemary, Rosemary EO, Rosemary Essential OilRosemary may also be called “dew of the sea” or “anthos” it is a perennial her native to the Mediterranean Region.  The leaves of this plant are needle-like with small flowering tops that can be white, pink, blue or purple.

Rosemary is a drought tolerant plant, easy to grow and very resistant to pests.

It requires about 200 pounds of leaves to produce about one quart of essential oils.

Aroma –The scent of Rosemary is said to be
uplifting, enlightening and to strengthen mental awareness.

This is probably due to its antidepressant properties.

Its scent has been described as a Refreshing Herbal Scent, Strong and Penetrating, Herbal with a hint of camphor, Pine like aroma and Herbaceous, sweet and slightly camphorous.

Rosemary Essential  oil is used as a body fragrance in perfumes.

It is used as a room spray, burnt in incense and used in many cleaning products, shampoos, creams, lotions and soaps.

Soap Making Recipes

Rosemary Essential Oil Properties


  • Anti-bacterial
  • Analgesic
  • Antidepressant
  • Antiseptic
  • Astringent
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti spasmodic
  • Decongestant
  • Digestive
  • Diuretic
  • Fungicidal
  • Stimulant

Rosemary and Hair

For your hair it can benefit from regular use of rosemary oils regeneration properties, by helping to stimulate the hair follicles giving you longer, stronger hair. Some say that it is believed rosemary oil can slow down premature greying and hair loss. To use as a hair and scalp conditioner just add rosemary essential oil to olive oil and massage in your scalp.

Rosemary and Skin

For your Skin

Rosemary has healing and regenerative qualities that are helpful for skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

As an astringent it helps to reduce the oil in your skin and it’s disinfectant properties also aid in the treatment of these skin conditions.

Rosemary is also a natural toner which can help ease puffiness and swelling of the skin.

In creams and lotions rosemary can help improve circulation and as massage oil it reduces the aches and pains such as muscle aches, back pain, rheumatism and arthritis.

  • Helpful for sagging skin
  • Strong astringent
  • Toning and binding
  • Ease congestion, puffiness and swelling
  • Stimulating action helps to encourage hair growth
  • Alleviates dandruff
  • Clears headaches
  • Stimulates the central nervous system
  • Boosts digestion
  • Relieve menstrual cramps
  • Helps relive water retention
  • Rejuvenating tonic

Rosemary and the Brain

Using rosemary oil in a vaporizer can help with sinusitis, congestion and help to stimulate the brain leading to improved memory and clearer thinking.

For the mind rosemary:

  • Stimulates the brain cells
  • Clears the head
  • Helps with memory
  • Good for mental strain and lethargy
  • Wakes up the mind when tired and weak
  • Energizes and activates the brain
  • Revives the senses

Historical Facts – Rosemary was the Egyptians most valued essential oil because of its healing and purification abilities.

Some Ancient uses for this plant and oil:

    • Has been found in Egyptian Tombs
    • A sacred plant to the Greeks and Romans Rosemary sprigs adorned their gods and drove evil spirits away
    • Greeks and Romans burnt it as incense at funerals in memory of the dead
    • Greeks wore wreaths of Rosemary on their heads to activate the brain and increase memory
    • The Moors planted rosemary bushes in their orchards to ward off pests
    • Ancient Healers used rosemary for it’s memory-enhancing qualities
    • To protect against the plague
    • 16th century physician Paracelsus believed rosemary oil healed organs such as the liver, heart and brain.
    • Also in the 16th century hospitals burned this herb to stop the spread of infection and purify the air.
    • In the 1400s grave robbers used “Four Thieves” to protect
      themselves from infection this was mix of Rosemary, clove, Lemon and

Precautions – Rosemary Oil contains camphor, terpineol and
thymol, which are highly stimulating. With its strong scent and active
ingredients this oil should be avoided:

  • during pregnancy
  • if you have epilepsy – because of it’s high camphor content
  • if you have high blood pressure
  • if you suffer from asthma

This perennial herbs essential oils are found in many shampoos on the market. The properties it adds to shampoo is no wonder why it is the most found essential oil added to shampoo. Stimulating blood cells and hair follicles to help maintain healthy hair.

From tip to toe this is a great essential oil to add to your medicine cabinet.

Magical Aromatherapy Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary MagicFolk names for Rosemary are: Sea Dew, Polar Plant, Guardrobe, Elf Leaf, Compass Weed and Libanotis.

Rosemary is one of the oldest incenses

For those of you that believe in the magic of essential oils or are interested to know what the aromatherapy magic of Rosemary is the magical powers are said to be:

  • Love
  • Lust
  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Metal Powers
  • Exorcism
  • Sleep
  • Youth

Some of the magic uses of Rosemary are:

  • Burning rosemary to send out purifying and cleansing vibration which are said to get rid of negativity.
  • Placing Rosemary under a pillow to promote sleep and ward off nightmares
  • Placing Rosemary under the bed to protect those sleeping in the bed from harm
  • Hung on a porch or entrance of the house to keep thieves away
  • Put in a bath to purify
  • Smell a rosemary sprig or the oil to help improve memory
  • Burn on charcoal and smell to answer a question or receive knowledge


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2 Responses to Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits

  1. Garen says:

    Rosemary is certainly one of my favorite essential oils.

    I use it every day when I am working to help me stay on task and keep my mind positive. I really believe it’s one of those essential oils that doesn’t get as much credit as it should get.

    However, I do have a question for you. What other essential oils do you like to use with it? Personally, I like using it with peppermint.

    But, thanks for the soap making recipes. I’m going to try to make my very first soap in a couple of days. I’m so excited to try it out! Do you know anywhere I can get some molds for soap?

    • Tes says:

      I use Rosemary oil at the office, essential oils are wonderful. One of my other very favorite essential oils is lemongrass. I love its uplifting and refreshing scent.

      Great that you’ll be making your first soap in a few days, I know you’ll love it. I have to warn you though it can be an addictive hobby. Looking for molds? Here is a link that will help you.
      Almost anything can be used for molds

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