Baby Soap Recipe – Cold Process

Baby Soap Recipe – a mild gentle soap for your baby

Baby Soap Recipe

Using soap recipe #2 below you will fill a 3 pound mold and you should get approximately 15 bars of soap

Basic Soap Recipe #2

850 grams Olive Oil
250 grams Coconut Oil
200 grams Palm Oil
90 grams Calendula Oil
110 grams Almond Oil
25 grams Grapeseed Oil

215 grams lye
2 – 2.25  cups of water

Unscented or add 3 tablespoon of lavender for a moderate scent

Follow the instruction Step by Step instruction for cold process soap making

Talk to you doctor before introducing essential oils to your baby.  There are no guidelines for using essential oils on babies, but many practitioners do not belief in using essential oils on babies before three months of age.

At 3 months of age the recommended safe essential oils would be: Lavender, Chamomile, Dill and Blue Yarrow.

At 6 months of age and older the list is longer, be sure to do your homework before introducing essential oils to your baby.

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