Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits

Resin and Essential Oils both have ancient healing benefits


Frankincense comes from the sap of the Boswellia Sacra Tree, these trees can be found in Africa, Somalia and Ethiopia.

They are a small dessert like tree with thorny branches Another name for Frankincense is Olibanum.

The essential oil is distilled from the resin on the bark of this tree, it has a rich, warm and earthy scent that has been used as a fumigant and as an oil to meditate by.


We don’t know exactly how far back the use of Frankincense goes, but we know that is was given as a gift at the birth of Christ.  It is said that Queen Sheba bought Frankincense Trees as a gift to Kin Solomon and the Egyptian Temples used it to honour Horus and Ra.

In ancient times incense trees and spices fuelled the economy and trade cities grew along the routes.  Frankincense was at one time worth more than gold.

The most important use of this oil was as a sacred offereing to the Gods.  In ancient times all Frankincense trees belonged to the King and only he had the rights for harvest, therefore the merchants that were harvesting the trees paid the King a hefty fee to do so.

Medicinal Uses

In the Ancient world where Frankincense was grown, the resin, bark, bud, flower, essential oil and the fruit of the tree were used.

The bark was powdered and made into a paste to use as an ointment to relieve swelling, the bark was also brewed into a tea to treat stomach problems.

The resin was chewed to heal gum and tooth infections, with it’s antiseptic properties, it was also used to help sore and tired eyes.

Frankincense was said to help improve a persons memory.

Burning Frankincense was said to help deter insects and prevent bites.

Also since Ancient times Frankincense has been used as a perfume.
Frankincense Essential Oil Uses

Frankincense Essential Oil uses are many, the amazing properties of the essential oil as well as the resin that comes from this tree are reported to have the ability to calm the nervous and digestive systems, relieve anxiety, depression, emotional upsets and other stress-related problems.

For your immune system
Frankincense is known as an immune stimulant and an expectorant, and helps respitory conditions such as asthma, colds, chest infections and bronchitis.

For your skin
This therapeutic oil has wound-healing abilities, as well as being an astrin

gent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.  Perfect for treating cuts, scars, blemishes, skin inflammation, and recommended for firming aging skin.

Frankincense resin and essential oil is reported to gently assist in relieving cystitis, irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding, and nosebleeds.

I have used both the essential oil and the resins.  The essential oil is easy to add to your home remedies and I add it to my facial oil blend.

The resin or gum is hard, much less expensive, but not as easy to use in essential oil blends.

Yet the inexpensive resin is great for burning.   I have a friend that has a wood stove and places a piece of the reesin on a small sheet of tin foil on top of the wood stove and as the resin melts it naturally scents her home.

The resins and gums seem to come in a variety of colors and clarity, I have ordered some that are a clear amber color, then other times the gum would be darker and dusty-like.

If you see an all natural frankincense soap for sale, I would seriously doubt it had the essetnial oil in it unless you are paying about $30.00 a bar.

There are some synthetic fragrance oils that don’t smell quite the same, one would be a little too sharp, and another would smell to much like perfume.  Even so I have used a fragrance to make a Frankincense & Myrrh soap for Christmas and it was a big hit.  I tinted the soap light brown and added a little gold mica.  It really did look pretty.

I might have to make a couple batches for this coming Christmas.

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