Soap Dish for Cold Process Soap

I just love this Soap Dish!!


Soap DishThis soap dish is perfect for handmade soap that needs to drain you can find this one by clicking on the link.

It is available in several colors.


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Using Honey In Soap Making

I’ve always been fascinated by the natural ingredients that elevate our daily skincare routine – and honey is a real game-changer. Packed with moisturizing properties, honey isn’t just a staple in the kitchen; it’s a powerhouse in soap making. When infused into soap, honey attracts and retains moisture, which is exceptionally beneficial for keeping skin hydrated and supple.

Beyond hydration, honey is also replete with antioxidants. These compounds are crucial as they help protect the skin against environmental damage, such as pollution and UV rays. These antioxidants can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, bringing a youthful vibrancy to your skin with every wash. Continue reading

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Life’s a beach soap

The Life’s a Beach soap was probably my 3rd best-seller. After the Egyptian Musk and the Blackberry Orange. I also sold a lotion, perfume oil, and bath salts all with this scent that was created from scratch. The image below shows a very tropical-looking soap! This is done with layering, and placement of a previously made orange tube of soap, and an elongated white sliver of soap.

Lots of work went into this bar!

Life’s a Beach soap recipe, a very tropical scent:

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Coconut Soap

This coconut soap recipe was maybe not the best seller in the store, although blends that had a coconut scent were better sellers. Also, the toasted coconut scent sold better than the non-toasted scent. My best seller with a coconut scent in it was Life’s a Beach!

Coconut-scented soap bar, with its natural color.

Coconut soap recipe:

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I will be using the #1 Basic Soap Recipe for this easy soap-making recipe with Anise essential oil which is natural and smells like licorice. This scent is considered to be a great kitchen bar as it is known to reduce odors on the hands from fish, onions, etc. Also considered to be an awakening scent for that morning shower. In my store, some people would smell this bar and say something like “Yum, Sambuca”, then we knew who the drinkers were, lol.

A beautiful black & white Anise soap by ArtFire!

This is an easy recipe in that it has one essential oil and can be tinted basic one color, or not. One bonus is this particular essential oil isn’t one of the expensive ones. When making soap I  decided that I had to have a price ceiling for essential oils, and that was $100 per liter or 32 ounces. The good news is I could still buy about half of them. Continue reading

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natural pain relievers

There are natural pain relievers headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, and more. These natural ones are derived from a singular or combination of essential oils and other plant materials. I personally have used a natural essential oil pain reliever for years!  Even if any essential oil does not work completely on your pain, this is still beneficial, as this means you can use fewer pharmaceuticals.

Peppermint Plant

Some companies have started regulating essential oils. Canada has but the United States has not. For instance, just like supplements, essential oils are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. This means that essential oil products do not need to gain FDA approval before they are brought to the market and sold to consumers. Another reason to make your own natural blends from reputable suppliers. Continue reading

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bug repellent plants

These natural bug-repellent plants are the same that create the naturally repelling essential oils. As you can see, certain plants repel certain bugs and insects. But this allows you to create a bug-repellent that is perfect for your uses. For instance, you can make an ant-repelling spritzer with the mints and lime. Or if you are allergic to mosquitoes, focus on just those ingredients.

Make a bug-repelling rock garden like this one.

Another of the natural bug-repellent plants that creates an oil, is the Neem plant or tree. Continue reading

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bug repellent soap recipe

There have been a few names for this bug-repellent soap recipe, and mine was ‘Entomophobia’ or fear of insects. Customers loved the name. I’ve seen other names such as Bug Off, Buzz Off, Citronella Bar, Bug Me Not. One customer who bought one of these bars came back the next day to get 3 more. She said that she had placed her bug repellent bar on her nightstand and that alone kept the mosquitoes from attacking her all night. So she was here again to get bars for the rest of the family. Below are spritzer ideas! Continue reading

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Body butter

Making body butter recipes is very similar to making lotion. The amounts of waxes, oils, butter and water will change – a lot! I was shocked by the amount of water in lotions, and this formula or recipe is going to be very similar for all those store brands that we pay lots for. Literally, we pay way too much for water and crude oil all whipped up. Like I’ve told my kids, I have trouble paying companies for products that actually physically harm us, even if we can’t feel it – yet. Continue reading

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Essential oils for healing

Yes, there sure are healing benefits with essential oils. Inside my back workroom, I have 100’s of bottles of essential oils and carrier oils. Plus all the other bottles of fragrance oils, soap-making oils, and packages of clays, salts, waxes, and on and on. Once you get started with making natural products, you won’t want to stop. The fact is, I’ve been treating my headaches for years with essential oils – because yes, they really do work.

Essential Oils are natural

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