Natural Baby Powder Recipe

Natural Baby Powder

Every now and again we hear about the dangers of Talc, so why take a chance with your new baby.

There are other safer powders that can be used to make your own baby powder, some of the ingredients found in natural baby powder can be:

Here are some great natural baby powder or go to the recipe at the bottom of the page and make your own. Continue reading

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Vaseline – Petroleum Jelly – Non Petroleum Jelly Recipe

Is Vaseline Safe for you Baby

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for soft and smooth baby skin Baby hypoallergenic 375 g

The ingredient in Vaseline is 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly – which is White Petrolatum, USP.  Petrolatum is used In industry, to lubricant for machinery. Where as we use it to relieve diaper rash, soothe chapped lips and relief dry skin. The (EWG), which is a non-profit US organization doing environmental and safety studies, says that petrolatum is an ingredient in one  of every 14 cosmetic products on the market, this includes some lipsticks and about 40 percent of baby lotions and oils. I wonder why I see products being listed as Petroleum Free?  Is it safe or not? Continue reading

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Oil of Oregano Health Benefits

Oregano Oil

The Oregano is growing like crazy and I’m ready to start harvesting it.

Oregano is one of my most used herbs, it is a very hardy plant that is easy to grow and has many uses. We live in a cold climate and my Oregano thrives here. The leaves can be dried, eaten raw or soaked in oil for oregano benefits of health.

Oregano oil has been used for thousands of years for health benefits, traditionally it has been a great remedy for colds and flu, inflammation of the mouth and throat, upset stomachs and respiratory problems.

The Chinese have used this herb to treat fever and itchy skin problems as well as diluting the oil for and using it externally for headaches, muscle and joint pain as well as for stings and bites.

Oregano oil has become increasingly more know today as a natural remedy for colds and flu.

This herb has strong fungicidal, bactericidal and antiseptic properties which are just a few of the health improving properties this incredible herb have. Continue reading

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Soap Supplies

Buying Soap supplies online

Recently I have been doing some shopping on Amazon and I have been seeing more and more soap supplies that can be bough through their site. If you want to try to make soap or are just starting out it might be a good way to get some reasonably priced supplies.

Below are the supplies I found and think are not to bad in price is your wanting to start making soap for yourself, your friend and family or for gifts.

Soap Making Oils

The 5 top soap making oils

Continue reading

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Soap Kills Viruses

Soap kills viruses – yup that’s right!

Plain old ordinary soap actually works better than disinfectants for killing viruses because ordinary soap destroys the viruses structure.

Soap is the best thing to use in the fight against viruses but when it is not available use alcohol wipes.

The reason soap is better is because it dissolves the fat membrane and the virus just simply falls apart and becomes inactive. That is simply put because I’m not a scientist and don’t want to bore you with science and chemistry. If you want to know more about that you can follow this link Deadly Viruses are no match for soap Continue reading

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Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Hand Sanitizer

With the shortage of hand sanitizers in stores in our area, I wanted to find something for our family to use.

After doing research and reading WHO Recommended Hand Rub Formulations  I found this recipe that you can easily make.

Hand Sanitizer Recipe

This recipe has been scaled down by Kevin Lee Jacobs – the prep time is about 5 minutes and it only required 3 ingredients plus water. Continue reading

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Water and soap making

How much water in soap recipe?

You have your oils all picked out and are creating your first recipe!  Now you are wondering about the water/lye mix.  How do I find out how much water to add the lye to?  Does it have to be exact?

The addition of water is a little different from that of the oils and sodium hydroxide.  The oil and lye measurements need to be pretty exact, but with the water you have room to play.

When creating your own soap recipe make sure you use a calculator to determine the amount of lye that needs to be added to the water.  This calculator will also give you a range for the amount of water to use.
Continue reading

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Bath Bomb Recipe

Bath Bomb Recipe

This year I made some bath bombs for Christmas Gifts, but not just any bath bombs.

Bath Bombs

These are not the put in the bath and fizz up quickly, these bath bombs will help to moisturize that dry itchy winter skin.

In this bath bomb recipe cocoa butter or hemp butter are added for wonderful moisturizing properties and as you drop them in your tub, they will gently and slowly fizz while moisturizing your skin as you relax in the bath.

These have always been a favorite, but I usually just make them for family and friends. This year I made more and sold them at the Christmas Craft markets I attended. Continue reading

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Hemp Butter Recipe

Hemp Butter Recipe

Hemp Butter is extra moisturizing and healing for those dry cracks in the skin caused by the harsh winter environment.  I made this recipe to help my husbands hands while working in the cold winters in Baffin Island.
Continue reading

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Homemade Bath Salt Recipes

Easy Bath Salt Recipes
Bath Salt

I would like to share with you some of the bath products recipes I have been using and making myself.  Learn how to make a bath salt to soak in the tub relieving sore, achy muscles. Continue reading

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