What is the shelf life of oil?

The Shelf Life of Oils

When I buy my oils for soap and lotions I’m sure to check the expiration date and make sure the oils are used before they go bad.

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Adding Cannabis or Hemp to your Products

Can I add Cannabis to my product?

I have had many enquires from people concerning the addition of Cannabis in the products they make now that Cannabis is legal in Canada so I sent a letter off to Health Canada. 

Below is their reply with links for all the information you will need to be compliant.

Dear Sir or Madam:
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Where to buy soap making supplies

Where to buy soap making supplies

On of the biggest challenges when making soap can be trying to find the best places to buy your soap making supplies, below you will find soap suppliers that I have used.  pails5

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How much does it cost to make soap?

The cost of making your own soap

How much it costs to make soap depends on the ingredients you are using and where you are purchasing those ingredients.

Handmade Soap

Beautiful Handmade Soap

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Massage and Oil

Homemade Bath and Massage Oil Recipes

Homemade bath and massage oils are easy to make and you can scent them with your own favorite essential oils or fragrance oils.  For an all natural massage or bath oil you will want to use essential oils rather than fragrance oils.

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My Best Rosacea Treatment

Treatment for Rosacea

When taking my aromatherapy course I had a friend ask me what the best treatment for Rosacea was and whether I could use essential oils to create a cream for her, I began to do research and came up with the best essential oils to use in a face cream to help with this skin condition.

Rosacea Cream

Essential Oils for Rosacea

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Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oils for Healing

Essential Oil blends can be beneficial with their healing benefits.  Aromatherapy can be incorporated into your daily life, using essential oils that can be healing, soothing and up-lifting.

Natural Essential Oils

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Superfatting Cold Process Soap

What is superfatting soap

Superfatting soap is done to make the soap more moisturizing. To superfat you would add additional oil to your recipe at the trace stage, by doing this the oil will not get saponified and will free float in the soap, giving a more moisturizing and gentle bar of soap. Continue reading

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Whipped Shea Butter Recipe

Shea Butter Skin Benefits

Shea butter is an ivory colored butter that has a nutty smell and comes from the Karite Tree which is also called the Shea Tree. With its high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins Shea butter has been reported to be a powerful skin softener and have considerable healing properties.

Creamy Whipped Shea Butter Recipe

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DIY Lotion Bar Recipe

Make your own Lotion Bar

Make your own lotion bars with this recipe. The Natural Cocoa butter contained in this bar is what has made it so popular, when this bar is applied to the skin, it melts very slowly moisturizing the skin with its proven moisturizing abilities. Continue reading

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