Trade shows

Ready to do a Trade Show

If you are ready to take your soap making business to the next level, looking into a gift show or trade show may be the next step.

Trade shows can be a big investment for a small soap making company, but the financial returns can be great. Trade shows have thousands of people coming through and if you can draw the attention of a percentage of them it can really help your business. Continue reading

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Dog Shampoo Bar Soap Recipe

Dog Shampoo Bar Soap Recipe

I’ve used so many dog shampoo’s on my dog over the years which at times left him with dry flaky skin that was hard to clear up.

Finally I thought “well I had skin issues and made my own soap….why wouldn’t I make some for him” So It did and our little Nip was ever so happy.

This is the bar soap recipe I made for him and I don’t know why I didn’t make it sooner. Continue reading

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Gardeners Hand Soap Recipe

Gardeners Hand Soap

Gardeners Hand Soap Recipe

Gardens Hand Soap cut and ready to label for the market

If you are a gardener like myself and don’t like to wear gloves in the garden.

Well for me it is basically because my hands are so small I can’t find any gloves that will fit well.

A really good Gardeners soap is what you will need. Continue reading

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All Natural Baby Products

Shopping for your new baby or shopping for a shower gift, there is so much out there and suddenly you realize you need to find the best natural baby products for this little one.

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doTerra Oils

doTERRA Oils

The name doTerra comes from the Latin word “gift of the Earth”

This company was founded in 2008 and in 2013 had 350 corporate employees at its main headquarters in Utah as well as 100 employees at the doTerra offices in Australia, Japan, Europe and Taiwan. This company has been growing ever since beginning and as of 2017, doTerra had approximately 1,650 corporate employees

Essential Oils Storage


About doTerra Products

In 2014, Doterra had over 150 products for sale which included essential oils, supplements and person care products. Continue reading

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Health Products Homeopathic Products and Natural Products

Natural and Health Products
natural label, organic label

I did my last Christmas Craft Fair last weekend, and I just wanted to touch on a few things.

These Christmas Gift and Hobby Shows are a great way to showcase your products and get out there and get known, but before you do this please make sure you comply to the rules and regulations in your area, city, and country.

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CBD Oil -What are the Benefits of CBD Oil and Soapmaking

Can soap benefit CBD Oil or CBD Oil benefit soap?

With the legalization of pot I have been asked this question many times if I make soap with cannabis.

In fact, for many years I have been making Hemp soap. Continue reading

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Grocery Store Soap Recipe

I’m calling this soap the Grocery Store Soap Recipe because everything you need for this recipe can be bought at the grocery store.

This is a great recipe for the person who is just starting out with soap making or just wants to make a small batch of soap for Christmas Presents or other gifts.  This recipe will make about 20 – 4ounce bars which should be plenty for Christmas Gifts. Continue reading

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Rendering Fat for Soap

Grandma’s Lye Soap was made with rendered fat; this fat would have come from goat, beef, pork or lamb.

When making soap with animal fats; the fats will need to be purified first. This is done by rendering the fat, and it’s usually done when there are cooler temperatures outside. Late fall or early winter would be the best times. Continue reading

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Lye Spots on Soap

What do lye spots on soap look like?

Below are two pictures – one that shows’ a lye pocket (this pocket is liquid) and the other shows’ lye spots (hard white spots)

lye spot

Lye pocket

White Lye Spot

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