I will be using the #1 Basic Soap Recipe for this easy soap-making recipe with Anise essential oil which is natural and smells like licorice. This scent is considered to be a great kitchen bar as it is known to reduce odors on the hands from fish, onions, etc. Also considered to be an awakening scent for that morning shower. In my store, some people would smell this bar and say something like “Yum, Sambuca”, then we knew who the drinkers were, lol.

A beautiful black & white Anise soap by ArtFire!

This is an easy recipe in that it has one essential oil and can be tinted basic one color, or not. One bonus is this particular essential oil isn’t one of the expensive ones. When making soap I  decided that I had to have a price ceiling for essential oils, and that was $100 per liter or 32 ounces. The good news is I could still buy about half of them.

The easy soap-making recipe with anise

(aka Fishermens’ Bar, Kitchen Bar, or Sambucca Bar)

  • Basic #1 recipe:
  • 51.2 oz Olive oil (can use up to half Canola oil)
  • 6.2 oz Coconut oil
  • 6.2 oz Palm oil
  • 23.4 oz water
  • 8.6 oz lye crystals
  • for this scented bar, add:
  • 3 T anise essential oil
  • colorant:
  • 1/2 tsp colorant, your choice  – optional

Below, is how I made my anise bar, a solid grey-blue color. An easy 1 scent, 1 color soap. I also made a light purple version at first but this color suited the scent better.

Below, black and white is super pretty and fairly popular, probably due to anise/licorice being black. Another popular decorative method is to make this a chunky type of bar, by using black and pastel colored bits and chunks in an untinted soap base.

Another easy soap,  with 2 scents and no color is the coconut soap, recipe here.

Here’s some great info on anise essential oil regarding its reputed medicinal benefits.

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