Home Made Soap Making Supplies

Handmade Soap Making Supplies

So you want to make soap and wonder what you need to get started, well you can go all out and buy big molds and cutters etc. or you can shop around and check out the second hand stores for something that will work for molds and pots.

Number one with soap making don’t buy aluminum containers or pots for soap making as the sodium hydroxide (lye) will react with the aluminum.  I use a stainless stock pot for the oils and a glass container for the lye/water mix – you can also use heavy duty plastic for this.

I always put my lye/water container in the sink (I make my soap in the laundry room and have a large deep sink)  I do this just in case it were to every break.  I don’t even want to think about what that would be like!

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