Naming your Soap Company – what is a good name?

companynamesbrands100So you have decided to start your own soap company and now you need a name.

What should you name this new company?  What is a good name?  These are the questions we ask ourselves.

Trying to come up with a name can be one of the hardest things to do.  It sounds easy, but once you’ve named your company it’s done, so it’s important to find the right name.

It took me awhile to come up with my name and then one day talking to my hairdresser she came up with a version of one of the names I’d thought of and so it began.

Some things to think about when choosing a name is to try and invite everyone to your company.

As an example, if I named my soap after my Great Grandfather who grew and used herbs and all things natural, it may be called Samuels Soaps, but that may not attract women and they are probably the majority of your customer base.

Reading Samuels Soaps they may assume these soaps are suited for men only.

Also, think about where you live.  If I were to name a soap company Chicago’s Best Soap and I live near Seattle, Washington, I may think that there must be a soap just as good in my own state of Washington.  It is important to think about who you are selling to.

I had a friend who named her soap business “The winding Path Soap Company”  I love the name, it gave a sense of destination, and looking forward to the future.

They sold and the new owners moved to another state, but I do believe the company is still running.

My company “Just 4 U Soaps” I wanted people to feel that this soap was made just for them.

Another thing to think about is that once you have chosen a name, it is important to make sure you can get a website address for that name, if not and you want to do on-line sales etc. that could be a problem.

Here is a list of names you can play with, I’m not sure if any of them are taken or not, but just a few that came to mind:

Journey Soap
Medicine Wheel
Simple is Better

With these names, what local resource could you tap into

Artisan Waters
West Coast Rain

Maybe a soap called West Coast Journey Soaps?

What is your state famous for?
Dairy – milk soap?
Hot springs – mineral rich water?
Corn  – add some corn oil

Or Maybe you have something unique like

Solar Made
Herb Garden
Island Made
Water Fall

So there are some things to think about when naming your soap company.

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2 Responses to Naming your Soap Company – what is a good name?

  1. Medu says:

    When coming up with a name for your company, you would have to take a few thing into consideration: who is your target market? How much of this target market do you intend to capture? Should you come up with a mainstream name somehow related to soap? Should you come up with an abstract name that can easily become brandable?

    Like you said “Samuel’s Soap” will likely only appeal to men. It won’t even appeal to all men because I know for sure I won’t be buying Samuel’s soap. If women are part of the target women you have in mind, you will have to come up with a name that will appeal to most women if not all. My personal preference would be to come with an abstract name that could easily become household names. That is what some of the biggest companies like Avon, L’Occitane, Aveeno etc have managed to achieve.

    This is a curious post that sparks up creative thinking. I like it.

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks for the comments Medu, yes a person certainly has to consider the target market for sure and how to target it, thanks for adding that. The article was meant to get the creative thinking going, I’m glad it’s done that for you. Thanks for your input.

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