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Adding Cannabis or Hemp to your Products

Can I add Cannabis to my product? I have had many enquires from people concerning the addition of Cannabis in the products they make now that Cannabis is legal in Canada so I sent a letter off to Health Canada.  … Continue reading

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Growing Cannabis at Home

Growing your own Cannabis Now that Cannabis is legalized in Canada what does that mean for someone that wants to grow their own? Can I grow my own? Yes you can, you can grow up to 4 cannabis plants. Now … Continue reading

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CBD Oil -What are the Benefits of CBD Oil and Soapmaking

Can soap benefit CBD Oil or CBD Oil benefit soap? With the legalization of pot I have been asked this question many times if I make soap with cannabis. In fact, for many years I have been making Hemp soap.

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Cannabis and Pain Management

Cannabis and Pain Management As more research has been done into the use of Cannabis and pain management we are also learning about the other cannabinoids that make up this plant and that they vary depending on the strain. Cannabinoid … Continue reading

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Hemp Seed Oil Uses

Hemp Seed Oil Uses  The Benefits of Using Hemp Seed Oil in Skin Care Have you ever used hemp lotion or hemp soap? My skincare regimen consists largely of these products. It makes a big positive impact on the look … Continue reading

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Hemp Seed Oil Health Benefits – for you inside and out

Hemp an important plant for Ten Thousand Years The Hemp Plant has been an important part of humankind for thousands of years.

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