CBD Oil -What are the Benefits of CBD Oil and Soapmaking

Can soap benefit CBD Oil or CBD Oil benefit soap?

With the legalization of pot I have been asked this question many times if I make soap with cannabis.

In fact, for many years I have been making Hemp soap.

Does hemp contain CBD?

Yes it does, but in comparison to Marijuana it has very little, the CBD Oil in Hemp is around 3 percent whereas the CBD in Cannabis can be up to 20 percent.

Hemp Oil is great for the skin, it’s an excellent moisturizer especially for aging skin.

I think making soap with Cannabis CBD would probably be a waste of a good pharmaceutical product.

For one I’m not sure how it would hold up through the heating phase of soap making, it would most likely keep some scent if that is what your after, but I don’t believe there would be much medicinal value to it.

If a person is looking for the medicinal value of CBD Oil you would be better off using some of these products that are made with high quality CBD Oils for the purpose of being used medicinally.

Handmade soap can have many benefits over store bought soap, but it does wash off and to really get the medicinal benefits from CBD the oil needs to be absorbed well into the skin or taken internally. 

Lotions, creams and balms made with high quality CBD Oil could certainly help as they would absorb into the skin better, so those products would work a lot better than soap.

Bud Rub for Sore Joints and Muscles

In my opinion making soap with Cannabis Oil would have no medicinal benefit to a person.  Using CBD oils or creams, lotions or balms made with the oil would have much better benefits.

If you want to make soap with Hemp that is another story. It does not have medicinal benefits, but is loaded with other properties that can really benefit the skin.

Amazon has some really good products that contain CBD Oil.  Even oil for your pets.

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