Life’s a beach soap

The Life’s a Beach soap was probably my 3rd best-seller. After the Egyptian Musk and the Blackberry Orange. I also sold a lotion, perfume oil, and bath salts all with this scent that was created from scratch. The image below shows a very tropical-looking soap! This is done with layering, and placement of a previously made orange tube of soap, and an elongated white sliver of soap.

Lots of work went into this bar!

Life’s a Beach soap recipe, a very tropical scent:

  • Basic #2 Recipe: 
    6.2 oz Coconut Oil
    6.2 oz Palm Oil
    23.4 water
    8.6 oz lye crystals
    for this scented bar, add:
  • 5 T of the Life’s a Beach fragrance oil blend (recipe below)
    wide variety of choices here, I like the beachy blue, sea foam, and sand colors – can’t go wrong with any of those by themselves or with layers
  • other:
  • calendula petals to represent sand and/or beach-dried plant material

NOTE: you can cut this recipe in halves or quarters to make smaller batches. You don’t have to use any Canola Oil, but if you use all Canola Oil your soap will develop spots. A Canola and Olive oil blend will help cut the costs.

This bar below is how I made my Life’s a Beach tropical soap. The 2 colors represent the mango and papaya scents:

Below is another option for this tropical bar. Because of the 4 scents, 4 colors work perfectly and add cheerfulness too:

Another version to represent the tropical beach theme of this soap. Nice muted yet colorful layers of colors are used to show ocean waters and sand and foam:

the Life’s a Beach fragrance oil recipe:

  • make any amount, just keep the ratios the same
  • 2 T mango papaya fragrance oil
  • 1 T toasted coconut fragrance oil
  • 1 T jasmine fragrance oil

The soap image below shows a great example of how one beachy-sea-foam type color can look great all by itself (this is a glycerin bar):

Here’s a link to a page for a mango papaya soap where they are lying! First, they lie, then they put the real ingredients on the page. Duh.

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