Shampoo Bar Recipe

Shamsoapplain3poo Bar

So if you are travelling, going camping or just want a chemical free shampoo…then here is a shampoo bar recipe for you.

This recipe will make approximately 12 bars depending on the mold you use, and how big you cut your shampoo bars.

When these bars are made, you don’t have to limit using them as a shampoo bar.  We have also used these bars as a regular bar or soap, you are just going to get a little more lather, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

So the ingredients are:

378 grams Coconut Oil
402 grams Olive Oil
260 grams Palm Oil
100 grams Grape seed Oil
100 grams Neem Oil
268 grams Castor oil


210 gram lye (sodium hydroxide)
2 1/4 cups water

You can scent this soap however you would like.  I like to use essential oils that are good for the hair.

For step by step instructions go to

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6 Responses to Shampoo Bar Recipe

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi, Teresa!
    Thank you for your sharing! When I learn that some people make their own soap, I also want to know how to make it. But I don’t have time to search for its recipe. Although this recipe is for shampoo but for regular soap, I think I can still try to make it by myself!

    • Teresa says:

      Yes Anthony this recipe can be used for either regular or shampoo and you can be sure to now what ingredients
      when you make it yourself. Happy Soaping

  2. Sienna says:

    Hi Teresa, I’m new to soap-making so I’m not very sure on how to follow your recipe. So I just need to mix all the oils together and let the mix harden into soap?

  3. Sam says:

    I have dry hair and I heard regular store shampoos make it worse, is that true? and if so is this good for people with hair like mine, dry and curly?

    • Teresa says:

      Regular shampoo is often no more than detergent, not to mention the chemicals in most of them. I think there is a reason they sell the bottle of conditioner next to it. I find a natural hand made shampoo bar not only puts moisture in my hair, but I feel good knowing exactly what is in it.

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