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You can make your own all-natural lip balm recipes from this one simple recipe.  like in cooking, you can alter the ingredients and get the same but different meals.  Lip balms are no different, well, lotions too.

Generally, you will need beeswax, not crude oil-based paraffin wax.  You could get stearic acid wax or emulsifying wax, just make sure they are vegetable oil-based, usually from palm trees, as these waxes could be petroleum-based as well.

nice labeling on a clear pot, or should you go with a tube?

Not all natural lip balms are natural. Or it’s all-natural till they put in the flavor – which is not natural. There is a lot of leeway on what claims are vs what is really in that product. So making your own is one way to ensure the naturalness of your lip balm.

You will have to decide if to put your lip balm into little pots or tubes. There are pros and cons to both. The little pots are way easier to fill, less messy, and cost about 50 cents and up, the metal pots are about $1.00.  The tubes are way harder to fill, there will be a mess, and cost just a little more than the pots. I have a tool that the tubes attach to making it less messy and you can fill many tubes at the same time.  Below is a link to one they sell for about $15.00 and are well worth it.  The tubes attach to the tray and you pour over it.

Lip Balm Filling Tray

Also when filling the tubes, the warm liquid lip balm is getting thicker by the minute, making the filling a little more harder to do.  Using the filling tray helps with this, being able to pour more than one at a time.  The finished product, a tube is nicer to apply the lip balm with, rather than with your finger with the pots.

All natural Lip  Balm recipes:

  • 4 T of cocoa butter (or shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil)
  • 1/4 oz of beeswax
  • 1 1/4 T of jojoba oil (or rosehip oil, hemp oil, olive oil)
  • couple drops of Vitamin E – optional
  • couple drops of food-grade flavor – optional
  • melt together over a low-temperature

Some butters and oils have different finishes, for example, cocoa butter and olive oil leave a very shiny surface. Whereas mango butter and rose hip oil leave a matte finish. When making this lip balm, if you do not like the finished texture, it is an easy fix. If it is too soft, add more wax, and if too hard, add more liquid oils.

The following lip balm is all-natural, I checked their website. They’re labeling uses only the Latin or nomenclature wording for the ingredients, which is fine except that regular people may want to know what “helianthus annuus” is. It’s sunflower oil, by the way. Nice brand name, nicely separated wording, a great color scheme, and clear tubes.



The famous Burt’s Bees, which has been sold to the Clorox company for millions, gotta retire sometime right? Their labeling states “aroma”, for the vanilla and pumpkin spice varieties, and says 100% natural, yet I don’t think I can go a pick “aroma” off a tree. Anyway, I have used this brand before, and it doesn’t have the staying power that cherry chapstick does. I’ve tried a lot of natural lip balms and none of them have. My lip balm was probably a little on the harder side. Nice when making your own, you can perfect it the way you want.

Read about the amazing skin benefits that cocoa butter has, here.

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