Sell Your Soap

Selling SoapLooking for places to sell you soap?  If you have been doing craft fairs and markets, go around and ask some of the other artisans if they would recommend any stores and start searching the internet for places in your area that would be a good fit to have your soap.

When searching the internet:

·  use words like, music festivals, festivals, farmers markets,Christmas, xmas, home and garden show.

·  add some descriptive words, like rodeo, garlic festival, boat races etc.

·  if you think you might want to start  wholesaling to stores, use the words like wholesale show, or gift show.

Some great places to do some networking and learn of where and who could be carrying your products are at local Craft Fairs and Festivals.  Often I have been approached at these events and asked about making soap for or supplying stores with soap.

Christmas Craft Fairs are also great events that will get your name out there.  Typically the Christmas Markets have many more buyers than the regular year round sales.

Craft Fair

Craft Fairs and Festivals

christmas Craft Fairs

Christmas Craft Fairs

Packing for the Events






Be prepared when you start going to events:

  • Make sure your products are labelled according to the labelling laws in your country
  • Have a business license if needed
  • Insurance if the venue does not carry it

One thing I would like to mention is to be very, very sure that your soaps are labelled.  I have been to many events over the years and have seen bars of unlabelled soap being sold.

Can you think of why this would be the wrong thing to do?

  • Allergies is the first that comes to mind to me – I have allergies and if I was given a bar of soap with no label – it would be thrown in the garbage.
  • In most places the Health Authorities require all soap to be labelled with ingredients as well as where the soap was made.
  • Repeat customers.  If you have a label your customers will have the information they need to contact you.
  • I would be hesitant to buy soap from a company with no label for many reasons, but these are a few.

Label your Soap

Regualtion for Handmade Soap

Regulations for Soap

INCI “International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients”







Doing Craft Fairs and other events can be a lot of fun.  I have met many new friends over the years.  It’s been nice getting to know people that are doing the same events.  We help each other out.

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