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Ready to do a Trade Show

If you are ready to take your soap-making business to the next level, looking into a gift show or trade show may be the next step.

Trade shows can be a big investment for a small soap-making company, but the financial returns can be great. Trade shows have thousands of people coming through and if you can draw the attention of a percentage of them it can really help your business.

I have done a few trade shows and they not only generated new customers but wholesale customers as well. The initial cost was scary, but looking back I have had many repeat sales over the years from some of those contacts.

From my experience I would say for your first time setting up at a trade show rent the smallest booth space – spaces will range in size from maybe a 6′ x 4′ to a 12′ x 12′ booth. Better to go small for your first time, this first one you will learn what works and what doesn’t, and if it goes well, maybe get a bigger booth the next year.

Here is an example of a nice clean booth

These backdrops can advertise your business.  They have lights attached and come with a podium counter.  Add some displays and you’re all set.

Tips When Doing a Trade Show

  • Create an open space so people can come into your booth, but make it feel comfortable. At craft fairs, I normally have to stand behind a table, but at a trade show, I try to set up an L or U shape so people can walk in rather than walk by.
  • Don’t put all your product out or clutter your booth, better to have less out so your customers can see what you are selling. If there is too much product out it can look cluttered.
  • Before you do the trade show make sure you know everything about your booth. How big is it? Do you have electricity and good lighting, where is it located?

  • Design the layout of your booth before getting there. I usually measure everything out and set it up at home beforehand with the product and all to see what will work. Then take a picture for reference when setting up.
  • You may want to rent displays for your first time – I do many other events so always have something that will work – and it helps to have a carpenter for a husband.
  • Make sure you plan a secure place in your booth for your cash box and any other things that should be secure
  • Colors – what colors are you going to go with? Some trade shows have backdrops and it’s good to find out ahead of time what color they are. You don’t want to confuse your potential customers with an overwhelming amount of color. I try to stick to two or three.

This three-tiered stand would be good to display your soaps on if you are using a table.

Copco 2555-0188 Non-Skid 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer, 15-Inch

Grid walls can also be a great way to showcase products as you can attach shelves where ever you would like.

The Competitive Store 2′ x 6′ 1-Pack Gridwall Panel Tower & T-Base Display + 10 4″ Hooks Black

A fitted 6′ tablecloth will look a lot nicer than a tablecloth draped over the table.  This was one of the best investments I made as I use a 6′ table for most events.

Another thing to think about is when draping a tablecloth over the table, the end may hang and people can trip on them.  The fitted cloth is by far the best.

Tablecloth – 6 Feet Rectangular Table Cover – Fitted 30 x 72 – 100 Percent Polyester – by Utopia Kitchen (Black)

Gift Basket

Make your own great Spa products

Here is a link to an article on the Best Places to Sell your Handmade Soap


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5 Responses to Trade shows

  1. Kehinde Segun says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post. It is very informative about making extra income. Soap investment might not be popular around the globe, but i bet you it is very very profitable business to do because i have an uncle who is into the business that is really cashing out on it. The initial cost might be expensive truly but the ROI in it is quite huge

    • Tes says:

      Soap making is a great way to make some extra income.  it all depends on how hard you want to work and if you want to be a small home based business or go bigger.  More and more people are realizing the benefits of natural skin care products such as homemade soap.  Your Uncle must have known that as well.  Thanks for sharing 

  2. Salim says:


    This is a really nice tip and opinion, to sell soap products faster and easier. I believe this will really bring the customer and seller’s rapport together. The backdrops feels so unique and cool. Though, the three tiered stand would be good to display soaps on, when using a table but I don’t like the color it came with, can I get to see different color or the 3 tiered stand?


    • Tes says:

      Hi, I really don’t like the color of the 3 tiered stand either, but what I do is cover the stand with a nice cloth, it really does look quite nice then.

  3. Ayodeji says:


    I think you are doing a great job generally of being visible on the blogging space, your work is amazing and helpful. I have always known soap making to be lucrative, and less demanding. 

    I very much enjoy reading the article above , really explains everything in detail,the article is very interesting and effective. 

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