Christmas Craft Fair – just some thoughts as I’m packing

Getting ready for those Christmas Craft Fairs and thought I’d would share some thoughts as I’m packing my stock.


As it is the Christmas Craft Fair season and I have already done the first one and am off to two this weekend.  It just so happens this year that two of my best craft fairs are on the same weekend.  One Friday and Saturday and then another one 3 hours away on Sunday, so needless to say I feel like I’m going crazy lol.

I thought this might be a good time to give you some information on what to bring and what not to forget as I’m packing up.

I find that most Christmas Fairs will supimg_2969ply tables, but not all.  Sometimes like one of the ones I am going to this weekend supply one table, but there is room for a small 4 foot table alone side it which is great for extra space.   So make sure you inquire ahead of time so you know what to expect.

Other things to be sure to  pack:

  • Table covers – be sure they will fit the tables, table sizes can vary.  Also, if it’s a two day event I usually bring extra’s to cover the tables at the end of the day
  • Displays – crates, baskets, shelves
  • Basket Tags – I like to display information in the baskets of some of my products
  • Product information cards, business cards etc
  • Cash Box and a float – I find I go thru lots of $5.00 bills
  • Pins – you may want to pin your table cloth – I like to pin it around the corner of the table to keep it from hanging and becoming a potential tripping hazard
  • Banners and signs if you have them to be displayed behind your booth
  • Tape, Pen , Scissors
  • Square or other credit card taking device
  • Book to record sales
  • Bags – I put a business card in some of the bags before I go – saves time if you are busy
  • Business Cards
  • Test sticks (if you have creams for customers to try)
  • Paper Towel or tissue
  • Water – for drinking- you can’t always get away from your booth unless you have help
  • Comfortable shoes – sometimes you are standing on concrete for long periods
  • Chair – most of the time they are supplied, but I have a taller chair I like to take so if seated people don’t have to look down at me.
  • Lights and extension cords
  • decorations – it’s nice to have a little bit of decoration for the holidaysimg_1907
  • and of course your products

I like to label my soap just before the event so they look nice and are tightly wrapped.

I do this because the soap can continue to shrink a little more after it’s cure time and if it is labelled to soon the labels can slip off when handling.

Soap with labels coming off does not look good when selling your product.

I find that packing my soap in beer flats works well and then stacking them in rubbermaid containers.  I can get 46 bars in a flat – 50 in some.img_1908

I have some wooden displays that also work well for packing and carrying lotions and creams or other items.
The less bins to pack in the better.

If you have a hand cart it can be very handy as well.  this has been of the best investments I have made!

The one pictured below is exactly like the one I have.  It has three positions which I have found invaluable when doing shows.  With containers and shelving units as well as tables at times it will pack everything in a minimal amount of trips.

Cosco 3-in-1 Aluminum Hand Truck/Assisted Hand Truck/Cart w/ flat free wheels

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6 Responses to Christmas Craft Fair – just some thoughts as I’m packing

  1. NemiraB says:

    Hello here. I see that the Spirit of Christmas travels around the world. It is just a November, but I see Santa and Christmas trees decorated, ads about discounts.
    I like these craft art markets where you can buy authentical products. I saw some tables decorated nicely, with the colorful tablecloth and nice looking boxes where people present their products.
    Your list is written thoughtfully because there so many details which could be important. If somebody sells products alone, it is not easy to fix something if nobody can watch your table.
    All the best, happy trading and merry Chrismas ahead.

    • Teresa says:

      Yes the Christmas Spirit seems to start to soon sometimes….but it also gives me time to do some shopping ahead of time. Thanks for stopping by my site and all the best to you this coming holiday season.

  2. Shannon says:

    These are great tips for attending crafts fairs.  I’ve always wanted to try one of these with my sister who makes jewelry.  She’s really good at the art part, but not so much on the sales end.  I think I could really help her there.  Your soap looks wonderful.  I was wondering about the additives because I have very sensitive skin.  Are your products good for that?

    • Tes says:

      Hi Shannon,  Craft Fairs can be so much fun, I have a friend that makes jewelry as well.  Often we get booths beside each other for events, it sure helps when you have a friend that knows your products if you need to step out of your booth for a few minutes.  

      My soaps are made with a high content of Olive Oil which is so good for our skin – if you’d like to read more about Olive Oil   As for scents I use essential oils where I can and natural colors.

  3. Stella says:

    Hello Teresa;

    I was at the grocery store today and saw all the posters for upcoming craft events. I enjoy going and love products like your soaps. I wish you well with your events.

    This is a great list for someone who is thinking about starting this kind of business, but I was wondering a couple of things. What do you do about eating and washroom breaks? Do you go alone? Or is there someone around to help keep an eye?

    Thanks for the great info and tips! 🙂

    • Tes says:

      Hi Stella.  Some events have people that will come and man your booth to take bathroom breaks.  I usually pack my meals, but some events also will have food and serve you.   Most of the time I have someone helping me or a friend that has the booth next to me.  So it works out ok.

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