Simple Halloween Recipe

Simple Halloween Recipes
Making Halloween soap can be so much fun.  Using melt and pour and some colors you can get the kids involved.

I used to do this with my grandkids when they were young, they so wanted to make soap just like Grandma, so I would buy melt and pour and molds and they would create and make their own soaps.

Ideas for Halloween Soap

Here is a nice example of putting a spider in a soap mold

Add little plastic spiders or small rubber worms, these can be found at most dollar stores.

Put one of these in a simple mold and pour in a clear melt and pours soap.  Instructions for melt and pour can be found here: Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

The mold at the top of the page is sculls.  You could pour them whatever color you like and be as creative as you would like.

With melt and pour you don’t have to be limited to using molds specific to soap, almost anything will work.

halloween recipes

Ice Cube Molds – Great for Halloween Soap

I have used all kinds of molds, ice cube tray molds, chocolate molds and candy molds.

They have all turned out well and gives you a nice variety and maybe a change from what other people are making.  Sometimes, something different and unique.

Here is an example of an ice cube mold I have used before turned out real well and they are not small ice cubes.  They are pretty big, so make a good size for halloween soap.
Pawaca 3D Skull Ice Cube Tray Mold, Makes Four Giant Skulls, Food Grade Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Maker in Shapes for Whiskey Ice and Cocktails

You can use any soap recipe if you have enough molds to pour into.  I have found that with cold process soap recipe, pouring into smaller molds you may end up with more soda ash on top of the soap.  Simply wash it off and your soap will be fine.

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See the code implementation guide for more details.Here are some more interesting molds for your Halloween soap.  With all the warnings on candy and the dangers of what could be in them on Halloween.

I like to make up some cute little soaps and put them in a bag with a label letting them know it’s soap and what the ingredients are in each bar.  Every year I try and make something new and exciting.

The neighbourhood children love it and start asking a month before what I’ll be making this year.

Halloween Soap Molds

Now this is a nice skeleton mold! I like this one the best

Nice pumpkins faces in this mold and a ghost and bat

Now this would make a nice soap bar for sure







You can click on any of the pictures of these molds and it will take you to Amazon where you can find these and many other wonderful molds that can be used for your special Halloween soaps.

Follow any of the soap making recipes on this site or use melt and pour for a simple soap that the kids can help with.

Soap Making Recipes


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