Canola Oil and Soap Making

Canola Oil for Soap Making

I don’t use Canola oil in my soap making because it is a genetically modified product, but that is not saying it is bad for soap.


It is just my choice. When it comes to Canola Oil vs Olive Oil.  I choose Olive Oil.

I have a soap maker friend that switched, she replaced the Olive Oil in her soap to a 80/20 Olive/Canola mix and then later she switched to a 50/50 mix.

The 50/50 mix created a much softer bar and in time these bars did go rancid if not used up within a year.  The 80/20 appeared to produced a much stable bar.

The reason she switched over was to try and reduce the costs, which were substantial.  A 16L of Olive oil will cost around 12 cents an ounce, where as the same size container of Canola Oil will cost 4 1/2 cents an ounce.

That’s a big savings when you are selling soap.

A Canola Oil Bar

Canola will still make a nice bar, although it will take longer to saponify if using larger amounts.

Often you will find that the sap values for Olive and Canola are the same in one resource and then different in another.

Making soap with canola will give you a bar with a stable lather and skin conditioning properties.

This bar will  take longer to cure and depending on the amount of Canola, and the bars may be softer or appear hard, but turn to gel when you start using them.

The bars also do not last as long and will get yellow spots on after a period of time.

My advise if you want to use Canola oil for soap making is to use Olive oil as well as Coconut and Palm oil.

This way you can cut your costs while maintaining a fresh bar for a longer period of time.

Canola Oil – the Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
  • the least expensive oil for soap making
  • easy to work with
  • has a clear tint
  • Cons:
  • if used in over 50% of a recipe, oxidation occurs and your soap will get brown spots
  • canola is considered toxic by some reports
  • customers think you are being cheap

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    can i use stale canola oil in soap making?

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