Non Petroleum Jelly Recipe

Is Vaseline Safe for you Baby or would you prefer a non-petroleum Jelly?

Vaseline Healing Jelly for dry, cracked skin Original 100% pure petroleum jelly 375 g

The ingredients in Vaseline are 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly – which is White Petrolatum, USP.  Petrolatum is used In industry, as a lubricant for machinery. Where we use it to relieve diaper rash, soothe chapped lips, and relieve dry skin.

The (EWG), which is a non-profit US organization doing environmental and safety studies, says that petrolatum is an ingredient in one of every 14 cosmetic products on the market, this includes some lipsticks and about 40 percent of baby lotions and oils. I wonder why I see products being listed as Petroleum Free?  Is it safe or not?

Is petrolatum safe?

Health Canada considers petrolatum non-toxic and  the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CCTFA), a trade organization that consults with the government on ingredients says “it’s pretty much as universally safe as any substance could be.”The EWG which is a non-profit organization classifies it as a moderate hazard saying that cosmetics using petrolatum need to be studied more.

Un-petroleum Plant Powered Body Care

The reason for more studies is because of cancer-causing chemicals that are found in crude oil and its by-products.  Studies have not shown any link between petrolatum and cancer, but there are many grades of petrolatum so only a highly refined petrolatum can be used for cosmetics.

The David Suzuki Foundation has included petrolatum on its Dirty Dozen list of cosmetic ingredients for this reason.

In Canada and the US, only a highly refined grade of petrolatum can be used in cosmetics and the use of an active ingredient in over-the-counter drugs has even stricter controls.

So in summing up Vaseline is made with high-quality Petrolatum and is safe to use.
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for dry, cracked skin Original 100% pure petroleum jelly 375 g

I you want to make your own Natural Baby Jelly this is an excellent recipe, it is so similar to Petroleum Jelly that you can’t tell the difference. 

Petroleum Free Jelly Recipe




For most of my lotions and creams, I use a Pot and fill it with water, I place the ingredients in a glass Pyrex measuring cup and put that cut in the pot of water for heating.  At the bottom of the pot, I have a metal rack on which the glass measuring cup sits.

  1. Place the Olive Oil or Castor Oil and Beeswax in a 4 cup pyrex measuring cup
  2. Place the measuring cup in the pot of water
  3. Heat until completely melted
  4. Allow the mixture to cool a bit before adding the Grapefruit Seed Extract or Vitamin E
  5. Stir well and then package into cosmetic jars

The shelf life of this recipe is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 years.

Baby’s skin is so sensitive and keeping it cared for is important.  There are many wonderful recipes you can learn about and make for your little one.

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4 Responses to Non Petroleum Jelly Recipe

  1. Justin says:

    Hello there, thanks for bringing clarity ti this really controversial topic that I have heard a lot of people talk about in recent years and I feel really happy to finally have an answer to it and I’m happy about that. I have to say the issue if vasline being harmful to babies have been really serious and I’ll like to share this article to a few friends 

  2. Ann says:

    Although you have satisfactory answered my question about products derived from petroleum being good for our babies health, I still remain with a firm belief that they should be avoided. In my opinion, I will prefer to follow these recipes you have given us. And I’ll still buy Vaseline if I’m in a hurry (but without guilt this time).

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