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Soap Making Safety

One of the most important parts of making soap is safety, some of the safety supplies needed would be… Continue reading

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These are the Best Soap Boxes

These are the best soap boxes for packaging handmade soap. Customers can still see and smell your soap without touching it. Continue reading

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The Flash Point of Soap Oils

Know the temperature at which soapmaking oils can become combustible or flammable and will burn when coming in contact with a spark Continue reading

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Favorite Natural Baby Powder Recipe

For years baby powder was made with talc, not a product that we want to put on a newborn baby. This recipe with all-natural ingredients is safer for babies.
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Vaseline or Natural Non Petroleum Jelly Recipe

The ingredient in Vaseline is 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly, this recipe is made with three natural ingredients, castor or olive oil, beeswax, and vitamin e

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Excellent Benefits of Oregano Oil

Oregano is one of my most used herbs, it is a very hardy plant that is easy to grow and has many uses. Grow this plant and easily make your own oil. Continue reading

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A Great Place to Buy Soap-Making Supplies

Soap-making supplies with good prices. A great place to start if you are want to try to make soap for yourself, your friend, and family or for gifts Continue reading

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Soap Kills Viruses

Soap kills viruses – yup that’s right! Plain old ordinary soap actually works better than disinfectants for killing viruses because ordinary soap destroys the viruses structure. Soap is the best thing to use in the fight against viruses but when … Continue reading

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Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Hand Sanitizer With the shortage of hand sanitizers in stores in our area, I wanted to find something for our family to use. After doing research and reading WHO Recommended Hand Rub Formulations  I found this recipe that you can … Continue reading

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Water and soap making

How much water in soap recipe? You have your oils all picked out and are creating your first recipe!  Now you are wondering about the water/lye mix.  How do I find out how much water to add the lye to?  … Continue reading

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