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Adding Cannabis or Hemp to your Products

Can I add Cannabis to my product? I have had many enquires from people concerning the addition of Cannabis in the products they make now that Cannabis is legal in Canada so I sent a letter off to Health Canada.  … Continue reading

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Health Products Homeopathic Products and Natural Products

Natural and Health Products I did my last Christmas Craft Fair last weekend, and I just wanted to touch on a few things. These Christmas Gift and Hobby Shows are a great way to showcase your products and get out … Continue reading

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Important Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge is becoming more and more important as many people are getting on the bandwagon of making natural skin care products at home and selling them at farmer’s markets. Not all these people are schooled in the knowledge of … Continue reading

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Regulations for Hand made soap

INCI names, regulations, and labeling rules. If you are going to be making soap, you will need to be sure that your are complying to the rules and regulations out there when it comes to labeling your products. There is … Continue reading

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How to Pick a Business Name

How to pick a business Name When choosing a name for your business, take the time to really think about it.  Throw some names out to your friends and family or ask their advise. Ask your customers, your barber or … Continue reading

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