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How to Color Soap – Spices, Herbs, Plant Oils

How to color soap naturally Natural colorants are amazing, but it takes time to get the process down and figure out  what color you are going to get. With natural ingredients  you’ll find that a red color you have produced … Continue reading

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Natural Soap Making – so you want to start making your own soap

Natural Soap Making Natural Soap making can be a fun hobby, but I have to warn you it can be very addictive as well. I started making soap for myself a long time ago, and found there were so many … Continue reading

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What to do if you get Lye on your skin?

I’ve been making soap for many years and am very cautious when it comes to lye, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced the affects of a lye splash on my skin.   It hurts!

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Soap Making Terms

Have you ever been confused by the many soap making terms and abbreviations that are mentioned on websites or in recipes. Well here is a pretty good list of abbreviations and terms to help you through.

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Directions to make soap

Suffering from Eczema most of my life I began making my own soap when I was in my twenties.  It took a long time of testing and trying before I came up with some recipes that really worked well for … Continue reading

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Soap Making Recipes

Over the years, I have created many soap recipes some worked well others were to soft or to hard so I always went back to my basic few.  Here are 4 of the basic recipes I use when making my … Continue reading

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Benefits of Beer Soap – Beer Soap Recipe

How to Make Beer Soap I had never thought about making Beer soap until a microbrewery in our area approached me…. and to my surprise it has become one of my favourite soaps. Replacing the water with beer makes an … Continue reading

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Color Homemade Soap – Is color bad for you?

Soap Color Options Oxides and Ultramarines Sometimes natural is not always the best thing. These colors are not technically natural, since they are a manufactured product; they do however duplicate natural occurring minerals and are produced for their purity.

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Best Soap Calculator

Lye Soap Calculator Calculating  your oils, lyes and the size of the mold needed when making your own soap needs to be pretty accurate for your soap to turn out well.  There are some really good online calculators. I have … Continue reading

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Sodium Lactate and Soap

Sodium lactate if produced by fermenting a sugar source such as corn or beets.  Sodium Lactate is the salt of lactic acid.  This is a liquid product that also comes in powder form it is often used as a preservative in … Continue reading

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