Soap Making Kits

If you are interested in making your own homemade soap but are not really sure if you are ready to jump into it.  Some really good soap-making kits can help you get started.

Making soap 

Making soap can be an expensive hobby, but if you want to turn it into a business it may not be so expensive.  I can attest to this.

I started out making soap for my own health, then started experimenting with adding color and essential oils, it got costly because the essential oils were so expensive to buy in small quantities.  It got to the point that I and a friend would order and split the costs.  Later she went on to open a soap-making store in our town and ordering bulk helped us both.

I was working full time so could not join the venture but later started my own business when I retired early.  I can honestly say when you get into making soap there are so many things you want to try so you buy a bit of this and a bit of that and soon your bar of soap goes from $3.00 a bar to $12.00 or more a bar.  So a great way to get started might be to try out some soap-making kits first.

If you are making soap for yourself these kits will supply everything you need, or buy a soap-making kit to see if this really is a business you want to venture into.

Soap Making Kits

There are two types of soap-making kits available out there:

Cold Process Soap Making Kits – this kit will require sodium hydroxide, this is not a kit I would recommend for children.  Before using this kit you should read Soap Making Safety

Melt and Pour Soap Making Kits – these kits are great for children.  I used to buy them for my grandchildren as they thought it was so neat that Grandma made soap and wanted to help.  There is no need for sodium hydroxide with these kits.  You simply melt and pour into molds.  I bought some really neat mold for the grandkids and we had such fun creating soaps for Mom and Dad for birthdays, valentines day, Christmas you name it.

Melt and Pour

These kits are a great way to make soap without having to deal with any chemicals.  The premade base has already gone through the saponified process which eliminates the use of chemicals.  As I said above these are great and fun for children.

Here are some great soap-making kits for children:

Dino Soap Making Kit

My Grandsons are so into Dinosaurs, most likely like most little boys so I got this kit to make soap with them.

They were so happy and Mom is especially happy that they wash themselves clean.  This is a great kit for the kids.

Magical Unicorn Soap Making Kit

This kit is an excellent one for the girls.  I don’t have any granddaughters, but I have a friend with twin granddaughters and we had great fun making this soap with this kit.

Soap Making Kit for Boys and Girls

Melt and Pour Kits for Adults

Soap Making Kit


Cold Process Soap Making Kits

My grandmother always said that Castile Soap is the best soap you can use.  She told me it is 100 % Olive Oil and also that Cleopatra used Olive Oil to wash her skin as did the Romans.  Olive oil is known as Gold.  So after hearing this and doing some of my own research I do agree that the Castile Soap is so great for our soap.

Here is a link to a kit that will give you everything you need to make Castile soap including the mold as well as boxes to package your newly made soap in.  This is a great kit for making soap as gifts for friends and family.

Olive Oil Castile Soap Making Kit

This is a great kit to learn olive oil soap making

Soap Making kit – Shea Butter

Soap-making Kits are a great way to get started or try making soap, whether it is a melt-and-pour soap-making kit or a cold-process soap-making kit, the will surely help you decide if this is something you want to do.

My method of soap making is Cold Process, it’s more complicated than melt and pour, and takes a lot more time, trial and error to find that perfect recipe, but it’s worth it for that perfect batch of soap and I get to decide what oils go into my soap and every other single ingredient that is in it.

I can create and play with colors and scents.  I guess that’s why many refer to homemade or handmade soap as artisan soap.  We create with color, scent, and oils.

The kits above are a great way to give you a chance to try soap making without spending $100 of dollars on ingredients to find out in the end that it really isn’t for you.

I retired from soap making 3 years ago and still had over 2 thousand dollars in inventory.

I don’t own a store, and I am not one to buy more than I need, but when you are making Lemongrass soap and it is selling like crazy at the farmer’s market and craft fairs, then you run out of that essential oil.

You decide it’s cheaper to order a liter of Lemongrass oil than half a liter, so you order the larger amount.  Then that very popular soap is not so popular the next year and there you are with 500 ml of Lemongrass Essential oil, you make a batch and this year they sit on the shelf….they do not sell.

This is not a scent I have had that happen to me, but it happens.

So if you have decided to become a soapmaker and do this as a business I suggest that you try these kits first to make sure it really is what your want to do.


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4 Responses to Soap Making Kits

  1. Jenny says:

    Hey I stumbled upon your article of making soap naturally!  Let me just say that you had me at the Magical Unicorn Soap Making Kit :)!  My nieces love everything unicorn and I think this could be a wonderful project for them!

    I really liked how you explained the different ways you can make soap, and how practical you should be while doing so because of how expensive it can get! 

    What is your favorite type of soap to make? What type of soap would you recommend for someone who has drier skin?


    • Tes says:

      The Unicorn kit really is a great one for the girls.  My favorite type of soap to make is cold process and a soap rich in Olive oil is very good for dry skin.  The recipes here are all great for dry skin.  If the skin is sensitive then be careful how you scent it.  Lavender is probably the safest for sensitive skin.

      Soap Recipes

  2. Rohit says:

    You answered my question already – where do I get all the tools for making soap myself and this article answers my question. You have put everything in place to enable me to try out my own soapmaking.

    I feel I should go for the Cold Process Soap Making Kit as I intend to do some business out of it later. Handling the chemicals is only going to help learn the process first hand.

    I am on my way to order Olive Oil Castile Soap Making Kit already.

    Thank for sharing.



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