Pop up Market Tents

These pop-up market tents are great for farmer’s markets

I just replaced my old Impact one with this one….what a great price!

My old tent was also an Impact Tent – I had it for 12 years and took it to markets every summer – Farmer’s market from May to Sept, music festivals, and more.  Packing up during a storm someone came to help me and the tent leg got stuck and snapped,    So it was time to get a new one.  I never replaced the top in these years, but did have to spray with water repellent the last few years.

These tents are easy to put up and take down by yourself when on solid surfaces.  I find when I am on grass I can do it alone by walking the corners in, but it is easier with someone to help.

Follow this link to get your Impact Pop-Up Canopy Tent

The storage bag has wheels making it easy to move.

The pocket on the front of the storage bag holds the canvas top, or if you buy sides they can be folded up and put in there as well.  Comes with spikes and a rope kit.

I would highly recommend this tent to anyone wanting to do markets.

easy to set up, great size 10 x 10, canvas UV-coated waterproof top.

Below are some other products from Impact Canopy – side walls, mesh walls, etc

Tent Side Wall

A tent is a must for doing Farmer’s markets and other events.  For a soap business, it’s very important to keep the sun off your soap.  Exposing it to the sun can fade the color and cause soft oils like olive oil to oxidize giving your soap those dreaded Orange Spots also known as DOS.

I always try to get a spot where my tent will shade the soap.  The heat can also cause problems if you are selling lotions and creams.  Too hot and those can turn to liquid.

If the temperatures are scorching I take a cooler to put some products in.   I have also bought some nice reusable gel ice packs that I can put under the display to keep them cool.

These packs have been great!

Some of the pop-up tents also come with sides, which can be handy.  If I am doing an outdoor two or three-day market I always attach the sides and roll them up, this way I can pull them half down, or one side or the other, and then at the end of the day close the tent up.

Market Tent Side Walls

When I first got my tent the side walls were all solid, since I have seen some with windows, which can be nice at events.  It brings the light in and you can also see through them.  With the solid walls, you are in your tent and don’t see what’s going on around you.  Often at the two-day events, there will be music or other events that you can watch.

The tent walls below come in all kinds of colors and are reasonable prices.  I’m pretty certain I am going to get a pair for next year’s markets.

SideWall for 10 x 10 Canopy Frame – 2 Pack 

Another option for side walls are screen.  They let the light in but not the direct sunlight and if it’s a hot day the breeze will come through.

Half walls are great, especially if you are storing your stock under tables.  The half walls will hide this giving you a nice clean look for the event.

These half-walls attach nicely to the poles and come in a variety of colors.

Sunwall two Half Walls  for 10 x 10 Market Tent

Canopy Weights – Tent Weight Bags

There are many different kinds of weight bags out there.  Some you fill with sand, others you can fill with water, weight plates, and others are made of concrete.

When I first started doing the markets, the only option was bags you fill with sand.  This year I will be upgrading.  Below are some of the options I will be considering.

The first one I am looking at is the Tent Weight Plates.  They are 27 lbs and I like how they lock around the canopy pole.

Tent weight plates – 27lb 4 pack 

These are a little more expensive than the sandbags, but they look to me to be easier to pack and easier to use.

The Bag Feet Drum is the second one I have looked at, these drums can be filled with sand or water.  Filling with water would make them light to pack and fill at the event.  The price is about the same as the weight plates. At the time of this writing that was $77.74


Bag Feet Drum – Fill with Water or Sand

The Weight Bags

This is what I am currently using and have been using for 15 years.  They work well, but after all this time the bags are wearing down and the sand is leaking out in a couple of them.

These bags are attached to a rope from your tent and hold the tent down.

These are relatively cheap to purchase with a price of 25.95 at the time of this writing, and they did last me 15 years.

Leg Weights for Pop-Up Canopy Tent

So there you have it.  A market tent will be one of the best investments you ever make especially if you are doing farmer’s markets and other outdoor events.

The choice of side walls varies between half, mesh, or full walls. What you choose will be determined by the type of event you are doing.  For overnight venues, I highly recommend the full side walls so you can close your tent up for the night.

The weights are a must even if you stake the legs down.  I have seen tents fly away on more than one occasion.  So make sure you are weighted down well.

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  1. Steve Steve says:

    I came across the Market Tent article on Making Soap Naturally, and I must say it’s a fantastic resource for anyone interested in setting up a market tent. As someone who enjoys exploring local markets and events, I found the information provided in the article to be incredibly helpful. The author covers various aspects of market tents, including their benefits, types, and practical considerations. I particularly appreciated the tips and insights shared on choosing the right tent size, materials, and setup process. The article also highlights the importance of durability, weather resistance, and portability when selecting a market tent. Additionally, the inclusion of recommendations for reliable suppliers and essential accessories adds value to the reader’s experience. Whether you’re a small business owner, an artisan, or someone interested in participating in markets and festivals, this article serves as a valuable guide to help you make informed decisions when it comes to market tents. Thank you to Making Soap Naturally for providing such detailed and practical information. It’s clear that the author has extensive knowledge and experience in this area, and their expertise shines through in this informative piece.

    • Tes says:

      Thanks Steve.  I have been doing markets for many years and with soap you want to make sure you’ve got a good tent.  In the early years I learned the hard way lol  Water and soap goes well in the bath but not when selling it.

  2. Herman says:

    This blog post highlights the advantages of using pop-up market tents, especially for farmer’s markets. The author shares their positive experience with Impact Tents and the decision to replace their old one. They emphasize the ease of setup, the 10 x 10 size, and the waterproof canvas top.

    The storage bag’s convenience with wheels, a front pocket, and the inclusion of spikes and a rope kit are praised. The post also stresses the importance of shade for protecting products from sun damage.

    The blog discusses the use of side walls, including solid and mesh options, and the importance of canopy weights to secure the tent properly.

    In a nutshell, this post offers practical advice and product recommendations for those participating in farmer’s markets and outdoor events, making it a valuable read.

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