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  1. Sharon
    October 26, 2020

    Thanks for the information. As a hot process soap maker this is more relevant as I achieve trace at 80° C/176° F and then add the essential oils later when the paste has cooled to about 60° C/140° F. So good to know for safety purposes. I imagine also in candle making when adding essential oils to heated wax we need to be aware of flash points.


    • admin
      November 27, 2020

      thanks for stopping by, yes we need to be safe with candle making and essential oils as well.


    • admin
      March 20, 2021

      thanks for commenting Sharon. Safety is important, I have done a little candle making and yes I don’t want to be putting essential oils into hot wax so yes the flash points are important to know.

      Have a great day and happy soap making!


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