Soap Oil Flash Point

Flash Point of soap oils

What is the flashpoint of oils

Flash point is the temperature at which a combustible or flammable substance will burn when it is exposed to a spark.

  • Flash point can be used as a rough measure of how volatile a flammable/combustible substance is, but its good to also note that not all volatile substances are flammable or combustible.Some soapers use the flash point to safely add fragrance or essential oils at or below the flash point. I don’t really pay much attention to that because once mixed with the soap it won’t burn and you shouldn’t be handling your fragrances around an open flame.When adding fragrance or essential oils to my soap the temperature is at 100.  The soap oils I never heat above 120 I have never had a problem and don’t soap make around open flames.

    For your knowledge here are a few flash points.

    Coconut Oil Flash Point is 450 degrees
    Olive Oil Flash Point is 468 degrees
    Canola Oil Flash Point is 400 degrees
    Castor Oil Flash Point is 392 degrees
    Lard Flash Point is 390 degrees

    So you see the oil would have to be heated to such a high temperature that it would surely take all the benefits of the oils away as well.  When making soap the oils should never reach these temperatures making soap making oils safe from becoming flammable.

    Essential Oils Flash Point

Angelica Root113° F
Anise200° F
Balsam – 200° F
Basil164° F
Bergamot125° F
Calendula200° F
Carrot Seed117° F
Cedar Leaf135° F
Cedarwood – 200° F
Chamomile – 127° F
Cinnamon  -190° F
Cinnamon Leaf – 190° F
Citronella – 170° F
Clove Bud – 200° F
Eucalyptus 80 / 85 – 118° F
Eucalyptus Lemon – 118° F
Frankincense104° F
Geranium Leaf185° F
Grapefruit Pink  – 142° F
Lavender156° F
Lemon – 110° F
Lemongrass160° F
Orange  – 110° F
Oregano145° F
Peppermint – 151° F
Rosemary110° F
Sage – 125° F
Spearmint122° F
Tea Tree134° F
Thyme  – 131° F

Looking at all the flash points you can pretty much make soap without worrying about them.

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3 Responses to Soap Oil Flash Point

  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the information. As a hot process soap maker this is more relevant as I achieve trace at 80° C/176° F and then add the essential oils later when the paste has cooled to about 60° C/140° F. So good to know for safety purposes. I imagine also in candle making when adding essential oils to heated wax we need to be aware of flash points.

    • admin says:

      thanks for stopping by, yes we need to be safe with candle making and essential oils as well.

    • admin says:

      thanks for commenting Sharon. Safety is important, I have done a little candle making and yes I don’t want to be putting essential oils into hot wax so yes the flash points are important to know.

      Have a great day and happy soap making!

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