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Massage and Oil

Homemade Bath and Massage Oil Recipes Homemade bath and massage oils are easy to make and you can scent them with your own favorite essential oils or fragrance oils.  For an all natural massage or bath oil you will want … Continue reading

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Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oils for Healing Essential Oil blends can be beneficial with their healing benefits.  Aromatherapy can be incorporated into your daily life, using essential oils that can be healing, soothing and up-lifting.

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doTerra Oils

doTERRA Oils The name doTerra comes from the Latin word “gift of the Earth” This company was founded in 2008 and in 2013 had 350 corporate employees at its main headquarters in Utah as well as 100 employees at the … Continue reading

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Benefits Lavender Essential Oil

About Lavender Essential Oil Lavender is a perennial herb native to Europe, the Mediterranean, East Africa, Southwest Asia and Southeast India. The lavender plant grows to a height between 18 and 24 inches and have gray feathery leaves. The flowers … Continue reading

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Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits

About Rosemary Rosemary may also be called “dew of the sea” or “anthos” it is a perennial her native to the Mediterranean Region.  The leaves of this plant are needle-like with small flowering tops that can be white, pink, blue … Continue reading

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Witch Hazel Benefits

Witch Hazel Benefits and Uses An inexpensive useful Herb Witch Hazel (Hammamelis Virginiana) grows naturally in some parts of North America, from Ontario east in Canada into South Florida and Texas. The oil itself comes from the leaves and twigs … Continue reading

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Tea Tree Oil Benefits Skin

About Tea Tree Where do Tea Trees Grow? Tea tree or also known as Melaleuca which is part of the Myrtle family. There are several species so depending on the species Tea tree will grow as a shrub of 2 … Continue reading

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How to use Essential Oils

Mother Natures Gift Essential Oils for Healing Man’s first medicines were essential oils Essential oils are a gift from mother nature.

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Cedarwood Essential Oils

Egyptians and Greeks have used cedar oil since ancient times The word Cedar in ancient times means “the power of spiritual strength” and it was the symbol of continued faith. Cedarwood Essential Oil comes from the Red Cedar (juniperus virginiana) … Continue reading

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Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits

Resin and Essential Oils both have ancient healing benefits Frankincense comes from the sap of the Boswellia Sacra Tree, these trees can be found in Africa, Somalia and Ethiopia.

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