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Grocery Store Soap Recipe

I’m calling this soap the Grocery Store Soap Recipe because everything you need for this recipe can be bought at the grocery store. This is a great recipe for the person who is just starting out with soap making or … Continue reading

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Rendering Fat for Soap

Grandma’s Lye Soap was made with rendered fat; this fat would have come from goat, beef, pork or lamb. When making soap with animal fats; the fats will need to be purified first. This is done by rendering the fat, … Continue reading

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Best Shampoo Bars – Natural Shampoo Bars

There are many reason why a person should consider a Handmade Shampoo Bar. Most bars are made with all Natural Ingredients that have been chosen for the benefits of the hair and then formulated into a recipe using the most … Continue reading

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Soap Making Books – These books will get you started

The top three soap making books The selection of soap making books are the market are many, I have a few books; but the following are the ones I like the best, some books are just so good you keep them … Continue reading

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Clay in Soap – and much more

Adding Clay to your soap is a great way to color your soap naturally or make special purpose soaps. Clays come in different colors and are a great natural way to color your soap.  These clays are not limited to … Continue reading

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Grape seed Oil Skin Care – the many uses of Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil is commonly used as the primary ingredient in commercial skin care products. Also, it has been used down through the ages as a beauty and cleansing agent for the hair and body. Grape seed oil can be … Continue reading

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