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There are many reason why a person should consider a Handmade Shampoo Bar.

Most bars are made with all Natural Ingredients that have been chosen for the benefits of the hair and then formulated into a recipe using the most beneficial amounts of each ingredient to make a beautiful natural nourishing shampoo bar.

Shampoo bars are becoming increasingly more popular, most likely due to their benefits to your hair as well as the low impact these bars have on our environment. Just think of how many plastic bottles would be eliminated in your home alone if you were to switch to a shampoo bar……..

Most handmade shampoo bars are free of chemicals, but read the label to be sure. Here is a list of some Harmful Chemicals

What should I look for when buying a shampoo bar

I guess that would depend on why your want in a shampoo bar.

There are many beautifully scented shampoo bars on the market, but they will not benefit your hair and scalp like a bar that is scented with essential oils.

Essential Oils can help to treat a wide range of hair and scalp problems naturally.

My favorite oils for making shampoo bars are:

  • Coconut Oil can help repair damaged hair it will help to nourish the hair and scalp which will trigger re-growth. Coconut Oil is good for all hair types
  • Olive oil here is a whole page dedicated to Olive Oil and your hair. It’s been used for thousands of years for skin and haircare
  • Almond Oil like Coconut and Olive will help to strengthen and moisturize the hair
  • Palm Oil is known to help strengthen the hair follicles creating stronger hair
  • Neem Oil is one of the best oils for helping to relieve dandruff, it will also help to stop the frizzies and give your hair some shine.
  • Castor Oil is known to be used to combat hair loss as well as many scalp conditions. Castor Oil also adds that nice thick lather to your shampoo bar.

Those are the Oils I use in my shampoo bars because I know they are beneficial to the hair and scalp. My recipes have been formulated with these oils producing a wonderful bar that is long-lasting and moisturizing to all hair types.

Scenting your Shampoo Bar

Soaps can be scented with fragrance oils or essential oils, but when it comes to the hair and scalp if you have problems Essential Oils can really help

One of my favorite Oils to use for the hair is Rosemary because of its regeneration properties, that help to stimulate the hair follicles giving longer, stronger hair. It is also believed rosemary oil can slow down premature greying and hair loss. I like to mix Rosemary with Lavender. Below find other Essential Oils great for your hair and scalp:

  • Cedarwood – balances the oil producing glands – can help for oily hair
  • Clary Sage – help to strengthen hair
  • Lavender– increases cell growth helping hair grow
  • Lemongrass – helps to relieve dandruff – great for an anti dandruff shampoo bar
  • Rosemary – helps to wake up the cells to grow strong healthy hair
  • Tea tree– lots of cleansing power, anti bacterial and used in a shampoo bar to get rid of lice
  • Thyme – helps to increase hair growth by stimulating the scalp

The oils I use most often are Lavender, Rosemary and Tea Tree. I don’t make shampoo bars with fragrance oils, because I made my first bar to help with skin problems, and I think adding fragrance just takes away from that. That is only my opinion as other scented bars will still be made with other wonderful hair oils.

Using a Shampoo Bar

It can take some getting used to when changing to a shampoo bar, sometimes it can take a couple weeks before your hair gets used to this change.

When using a shampoo bar it can be done one of two ways:

  • Wet your hair as you normally would when shampooing
  • Wet shampoo bar and rub with your hands
  • take the lather in your hands and use it to wash your hair
  • work the lather through your hair
  • continue working lather while rinsing making sure to completely rinse
  • After washing some people will use Apple cider vinegar as a rinse


  • Wet your hair as your normally would when shampooing
  • Wet the shampoo bar
  • Rub the shampoo bar on your scalp
  • work the lather through your hair
  • rinse completely
  • After washing some people will use Apple cider vinegar as a rinse

Other Reasons for using a Shampoo Bar

  • You can take it on a plane – don’t have to worry about having the wrong amount of liquid
  • They are long-lasting
  • Do not contain chemicals
  • Soothe irritated scalp
  • Eco friendly
  • Great for all ages
  • Multi-purpose –
    • can be used as a body soap
    • shaving soap (in a pinch)
    • to wash clothes while camping
    • wash the dog
  • Compact – minimization

Shampoo Bars have a low impact on the environment as well as being beneficial to your scalp and hair.  So why not when your out at the next craft fair and see a handmade soap maker pick up a Shampoo Bar to try out.

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3 Responses to Best Shampoo Bars – Natural Shampoo Bars

  1. delroaustria says:

    I find this article interesting.

    I never tried to use a shampoo bar yet but I usually applied virgin coconut oil on my hair before I took a bath and it feels great to see my hair regrowth since I am now at the age of 40.

    The next time I drop by at the grocery store, I will look to find a coconut oil shampoo bar and try out for myself.

    Thanks! Please keep up the good work.

  2. Lynne says:

    I have heard of shampoo bars before but never really contemplated using one. Do you find them to be more difficult to use when you have longer hair? I’m wondering why some people rinse with apple cider vinegar. What is the purpose of that? I love your point that using a shampoo bar is way less impactful on the environment. I can’t begin to think of how many shampoo bottles I’ve emptied throughout my lifetime. I love the idea of not leaving that kind of imprint on the earth. I’d love to hear back from you about the apple cider vinegar. Thanks so much for a great post and I think I’m going to go investigate shampoo bars 🙂

    • Tes says:

      I think it’s fine for long hair as well.  I use it, although I do sometimes add a conditioner afterword.  We live in a very dry environment in the winters.  People that use the Apple cider Vinegar rinse use it to help the pH balance, to de-tangles, and adds softness to your hair.

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