Can Gray Hair be Reversed?

What causes premature Gray Hair








What causes gray Hair?

Melanocytes cells in your hair follicles contain Melanin, which contain pigments of color; this is what determines the color in your hair.   As you get older these cells slow down the production of pigment, which is what causes our hair to go gray.

How long the melanocytes cells will continue to produce pigments of color are often determined by the genes you have inherited from your parents.  My grandmother had hardly any gray hair even at the age of 70, so I am hoping to inherit her genes.

Genes are not always the only cause for hair turning gray, medical conditions or the lack of certain vitamins can also be the cause of premature gray hair.

Vitamins for Gray Hair

B12 – is an important vitamin for all around health, a deficiency of Vitamin B 12 lowers your body’s red blood cell count.  When the red blood cell count is low it can cause numerous health issues such as anemia, nerve damage, depression and yes graying hair.

A healthy diet that includes green vegetables, eggs and grains that are high in Vitamin B 12 can help.  I take a Vitamin B complex vitamin that includes vitamin B1, 2 and 9, which are also vitamins that will help maintain good hair growth.

Copper – If your body is lacking this mineral it can cause your hair to turn gray.  Melanin, which determines your hair color, needs to have enough minerals in order to product the color pigment.

There is not test that I am aware of that can tell you whether or not your body is deficient of copper and you must be careful not to take to much.  Too much copper in your body is not good and can be toxic.

The best way to get more copper in your diet or make sure you are getting enough is to eat foods that contain it.  Some of these foods would include blackberries, pineapples, almonds, sunflower seeds, blackstrap molasses, and dried apricots.

Zinc – Zinc is another mineral that can help slow down the graying process or aid in reversing it.  Zinc is a mineral that is found in the hair.  Zinc is not known to change the color of your hair, but it is like Copper it is one of the minerals needed to produce Melanin.  Melanin is what determines the pigment of your hair.

Omega 3  – Omega 3 fatty acids are very beneficial to your hair.  They will help to strengthen the hair which is what we need as our hair starts to turn gray the hairs become dry and brittle and break off easily so the stronger they are the better. Omega 3 fatty acids also contain anit-inflammatory properties which can help heal the hair folicles of any inflammation that would reduce the amount of pigment being produced.

Can gray hair be reversed?

I guess a sure way to reverse grey hair would be to go to a salon and have your hair colored or go to the local drug store and pick up a coloring kit and do it yourself.

The trouble with that it’s not natural and some of the chemicals found in these products can be downright scary.

So here are some natural ways to get rid of the gray or help reduce it.

Lots of Vitamin B, Folic Acid and Omega 3 in your diet are said to help fight the effects of graying hair.  They can be taken as a supplement or added to your daily food intake.

A shampoo you may want to try that is rich in omega 3’s is Emu Oil Shampoo it will help moisturize the dry hair that comes with aging and is free of the chemicals that can also dry out and age your hair.

Reducing stress, getting enough sleep, quit smoking and getting adequate exercise are all other ways of reducing the increase of grey hairs.

Caring for gray Hair

Because gray hair is coarser and dryer than other hair, condition can become your best friend.

The picture to the right shows an older person and how the gray hair looks coarse and frizzy.

You will want to keep your gray hair moisturized to prevent breakage.  Hair that is course will break more easily.

Gray hair also tends to be frizzier than other colors of hair, so using a conditioner that will fight frizz can help as well.

To add that nice shine to your gray hair, use a blue shampoo at least once a month.

This shampoo will be specifically labelled for gray hair.

Be gentle when brushing, combing and styling your hair and always use the low setting on your blow dryer or curling iron.

Gray hair is much more fragile than other hair.

Home remedies Gray Hair

Using Indian gooseberry, which is said to be a great hair tonic helping to encourage the growth of hair and the production of melanin, which give hair, it’s pigmentation.  To use the gooseberry make mixture of 1-teaspoon almond oil, 1-teaspoon gooseberry juice and a few drops of lime juice.  Massage this mixture into the scalp each night.

Curry leaves boiled in coconut oil make another excellent hair tonic.  The properties in these natural ingredients will stimulate hair growth and dark hair pigmentation.

Lemon and Coconut Oil massaged into your head for 15 minutes a day are said to be very beneficial in treating grey hair, giving it texture and strength.  It is said there are people with black hair that have used this method and retained their dark natural hair color for 60- 70 years.  Just mix coconut oil and a dash of lemon.

Whether you have gray hair or not can be simple a matter of genes.  Having the right vitamins in our body is also important for not only our hair, but our body as well.

If you hair has started turning gray….which will more than likely naturally occur for all of us.  It can be much dryer and need to be moisturized and looked after.

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  1. MelaniLukito says:

    Hi Teresa. I am very happy that I have found your article. I will try your tip to use a mixture of coconut oil and lemon to avoid gray hair. Do you have testimonies of people had succeed in using that method? Also your discussions about the kind of nutrition needed to get rid from grey hair are very helpful. Thanks for writing this article.

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks for your comments. I have not heard yet from anyone that has used the coconut and lemon, research says it can help, so please let us know if you try it and see a difference. Yes nutrition is so important for our total health. I hope to hear back from you on the lemon/coconut oil. Have a great day.

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