Handmade soap storage and care

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How to care for your soap?

The first thing you need to know about homemade handmade soap is that it needs to breathe. This is important to help the soap cure – the longer it cures the harder the bar will get. It will stay hard so long as it is not sitting in water or in an area that it will attract moisture.

All natural soap must breathe

So you’ve bought some handmade soap! Congratulation! You will never go back to store bought…

Now here are some tips to prevent your soap from dissolving in the shower or to deteriorate on the shelf.

    • Store soaps that are not in use in a covered container that allows air circulation, and in a cool, dry location. A shoe box will work well for this. I put holes in the boxes so the soap can breathe well.
    • If you prefer to store your soaps in plastic, be sure to add ventilation to the container to allow the soaps to breathe. I personally would not use plastic tubs. Handmade natural soaps are high in natural glycerin and vegetable oils; non-ventilated storage may result in a “weepy” soap bar.

  • Keep your stored soaps out of direct sunlight, as natural ingredient colors may fade. The sun can also warm the soap causing it to sweat if it gets to warm.
  • If storing several soaps, keep similar scents together. Over time bars that are stored together will take on other scents. They are usually fine once the are taken into the shower or bath and splashed with some water to get ot the scent underneath.
  • Use a soap dish with slots so the soap can dry between uses. This is pretty important. Remember that soap that sits in water will absorb that water and get mushy.

With proper storage and in-use care, you’ll get the most of your handmade natural soap! and your bars will last a long time


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