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Gardener Hand Soap Recipe

Gardener Hand Soap Recipe This recipe is the perfect soap for the most avid gardeners.  Made with 100% natural oils, a natural exfoliant, and essential oils picked out, especially for those gardening hands. I love gardening and don’t like to … Continue reading

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Rendering Fat for Soap

Rendering Fat Grandma’s Lye Soap was made with rendered fat; this fat would have come from goat, beef, pork or lamb. When making soap with animal fats; the fats will need to be purified first. This is done by rendering … Continue reading

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Exfoliating soap – what to add to your soap?

How to make exfoliating soap When washing with an exfoliating soap it will help to remove oil and dead skin, also removing any dirt that may be clogging the pores, this then helps the skin to absorb moisture. When the … Continue reading

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Handmade soap storage and care

Storing your handmade soap How to care for your soap? The first thing you need to know about homemade handmade soap is that it needs to breathe. This is important to help the soap cure – the longer it cures … Continue reading

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Wholesale Handmade Soap or Sell it yourself?

How to Sell Homemade Soap Soap Price – finding the right price When learning how to sell homemade soap the right price is key. First you will want to find out how much each bar or soap costs to make, … Continue reading

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Homemade Soap Gift Sets

Whether you are making soap to sell or making it as gifts for family and friends, gift sets are great for all kinds of occasions. The possibilities are endless…use your imagination and make some wonderful gift sets for that next … Continue reading

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Castile Soap Recipe

  Castile soap, the name came from an olive oil based soap that originated in the Castile region of Spain. It was originally made with Olive oil and still is made this way in may parts of the work.  It … Continue reading

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Bar Soap – Healthy, Natural, Safe – That’s the question

Are all natural bars of soap what they say there are? Is your bar soap – healthy, natural, safe?  Let’s find out. I came across a shampoo bar that Lush sells, now I know many people

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