Homemade Soap Gift Sets

Whether you are making soap to sell or making it as gifts for family and friends, gift sets are great for all kinds of occasions.

The possibilities are endless…use your imagination and make some wonderful gift sets for that next craft fair or event you are attending.  You don’t have to limit it to soap, make some nice bath salts to add to your basket or box.

Gift Basket

Here is a lovely gift basket from Banks-Lyon Botanical

I like to collect and keep any sample boxes or small boxes, or baskets and unique bottles and jars.  They come in handy when making up gifts baskets.

I like to make up a few small gift boxes or sample sets and take them to the markets, but I have also found they have come in handy for those last-minute gifts.

soap gift set

A lovely trio gift set with a wooden soap dish. This would make a wonderful hostess gift

Handmade soap gift sets are great for teachers, hostess gifts, housewarmings, thank-you gifts and more. 

I have a few ladies in town that buy 10 or so bars of soap every now and again just for the purpose of using them as hostess gifts.  This has been wonderful as I have expanded my customers base form these women alone.

soap gift

A beautiful handmade bar of soap sitting on a handmade facecloth

I do a market every summer where there are many tourists.  Often I sell small gift baskets and soap sets that will be gifts for house sitters or pet sitters.

These are just a few ideas for small gifts. Try your own and don’t forget to take some to the next event you attend.

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4 Responses to Homemade Soap Gift Sets

  1. JB says:

    What a great idea. Making homemade soaps for gifts is brilliant. We’re on a bit of a budget and have a lot of family. We can make a few different bath salts and soaps to send to relatives. You seem to have such a great eye for design, your soap pictures look amazing. I do like the idea of wrapping them and putting in a nice paper wrap. I would also make different soaps for different seasons. Watch out family!

    • Tes says:

      Hi Jb, I think your family is going to be very happy with their gifts.  I love to get home made gifts and love giving them out to.  I have lots of fun personalizing each one.  Have fun.

  2. kemdi21 says:

    Nice hearth warming post on Homemade Soap Gift Sets. Sometimes some of the best gifts or souvenirs  that can be given to friends and family  are the ones made from scratch and with love just like the small gift boxes as well as other unique bottles and jars you mentioned. 

    Thanks so much for sharing!! was much appreciated.

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