Olive Oil for Hair

Olive oil for hair…..Yes!  Olive oil is amazing for your hair, and thankfully being a soap maker I have lots of it.

Olive Oil for Hair, Olive Oil for skin, Olive oil

My hair was getting damaged from the sun, cold winter, and our hard water, I had tried many conditioners, but nothing seemed to work.

One day as I was pouring Olive oil into a batch of soap I was making it dawned on me that I use Olive oil for my skin on a regular basis, but not my hair so I started putting it in my hair.

Kirkland First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2L Produced from Italian – Growin Olives

After doing this my hair became so much softer and healthy looking and I’m sure it began growing faster as well. So about once a month my body and my hair get the Olive Oil Treatment.

I would simply comb the Olive oil in my hair and leave it overnight or even for a day or two, after doing this a few times I certainly noticed a difference in my hair. It was softer and looked so much healthier.

I guess the reasons for this are the wonderful benefits that Olive Oil has for the hair.

          • Olive oil has high antioxidant properties with will help to fight premature aging…so yes help fight those Grey hairs. These antioxidants help to repair damaged cells helping to promote healthy and strong hair by protecting the hair follicles
          • Being nutritious for the hair Olive oil can help keep your hair healthy. Using blow-dryers, straighteners, and hair dyes can damage your hair, using Olive oil can help repair and reduce damage to your hair from these products.
          • Olive Oil contains B vitamins a little Olive Oil combined with Lemon Juice will help get rid of dandruff. The lemon juice will help to remove the dry skin and the Olive oil will moisturize the scalp.

      • Treat your hair with Olive Oil giving it a deep treatment by:

          • 1. Combing about a TBSP of Olive oil into your hair, massage the scalp and make sure the oil covers all the hair, from scalp to end.2. If you want to help penetrate the oil you could use a blow-dryer for a few minutes – I don’t do this, but then I don’t own a blow-dryer.3. Leave the oil in your hair for about 30 minutes for minimally damaged hair, or for a couple of hours. I leave mine in overnight. It will not hurt your hair to keep it in overnight.4. When you are finished simply rinse and wash your hair as usual.

            A simple way to help restore damaged hair, making it stronger and healthier is by using Olive Oil.  I try to remember to do a treatment once a month during the long dry winters.

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14 Responses to Olive Oil for Hair

  1. Evald says:

    Hey there 😉
    Very informative & helpful article !

    Prior to reading Your article, I didn’t that olive oil is so healthy & beneficial to person’s hair in so many ways!
    It was very interesting learning about olive oil’s health benefits & I really stoked to try out this product!
    I find the part about antioxidant properties to be very exciting, especially the whole thing that it helps to fight premature aging & grey hair.

    Also, the whole fact that Olive oil can help keep Your hair healthy & repair damaged hair is so awesome! The part about olive oil containing vitamin B & mixing it with some lemon juice to prevent dandruff was also very useful information.

    Does it work the same way with men’s hair? & Can I use it on facial hair (my beard) to make facial hair less razor sharp but instead make it more soft?

    Keep up the good work 😉

    • Tes says:

      Hello Evald, of course you can use it on men’s hair.  For your beard you can use Olive oil the same way.  It will help to condition your beard and promote a healthy growing beard.

  2. Garen says:

    Olive oil is awesome for hair.  But, you want to make sure it’s virgin organic olive oil!  I read something the other day that stated nearly over 60% of olive oil is adulterated?  Have you ever heard that?

    Are there any olive oil brand that you don’t like?

    Have you ever heard of honey for hair, too?  Also, coconut oil is good for the hair, too.

    Do you happen to have any recipes for homemade shampoos with olive oil?  Also, I like to mix it with lavender and peppermint essential oil.  It’s really great for your hair, too.

    • Tes says:

      Hi Garen, there is good and bad Olive Oil out there.  Virgin Olive oil is really the best, but I have used pumice as well in the bath and for my hair and got pretty good results.

      The Olive oil I use in my products comes from Italy.  I have had the same supplier for along time.  A few years back a fellow soap maker talked me into try Olive oil from another supplier and I had to send it back because when I received it I noted that is was 85% Canola oil and 15% Olive oil.  

      If you are looking for a good organic virgin olive oil I would suggest Argali Superior Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

      I use this one for all my cooking.

  3. Quinn says:

    Olive oil for hair is a very good post. It gives information to make life a whole lot better and natural 

    This will give a lot of people a chance to save themselves good money. By using your formula to create a natural looking and feeling hair how can you go out and purchase something that is already here waiting for you to just get now. This article gives you a natural way to enhance yourself without chemicals. 

    Thank you for this nice article

  4. Fleur Allen says:

    Tes I have never thought to use olive oil for my skin. I’m aware of the benefits for your skin as you mentioned but not hair. But I’m grateful that you have left a step by step guide on how to go about the monthly deep cleanse with olive oil. This is very helpful.

    I’m always open to natural alternatives particularly products that are observed through our skin. I know my hair is in need of a deep clease, I have a day at home today, so I am going to give it a go!

    • Tes says:

      Once your do this treatment you will certainly see a difference.  Be sure to come back and let us know how it worked for you. 

  5. Dale says:

    Well the first thing I am going to say is kudos.  I know I wouldn’t have time to make my own soap.  However taking care of our hair is very important to my wife and myself.  This article says a lot in not so many words.  I don’t know if I can talk here into putting oil in her hair, however I will certainly try it and if it works she will notice and jump all over it.  Thanks for the great info that I know I will try.

    • Tes says:

      Thanks Dale, it is time consuming making your own soap but well worth it.  You might have to give it a try.  Using Olive oil on the hair is so great.  I’m sure if your wife tried it once and saw the outcome she would use it again.  Lots of people use the hot oil treatment.  I think this is better than that.

  6. Petra says:

    Thank you for this reminder! I remember doing this in my younger years. This was alongside trying to lighten my hair naturally, so I would be using lemon juice and sit out in the sun. This never worked though… 

    Anyway, the olive oil I tried and I remember leaving it in over night as well, just with a towel wrapped around my head and, to protect my pillow, another towel around my pillow. It really does work well! 

    • Tes says:

      Thanks for telling us about your experience with Olive oil.  That’s funny about the lemon juice, I have dark hair and did the same thing when I was younger lol…..trying for blonde it never did work either.

  7. Maria says:

    Your post is very helpful, I didn’t know how useful was Olive oil for hair, you said also to prevent gray hair, and what about the ones that already have gray hair? What about the smell?

    When you end the treatment do you use the shampoo as usual? and conditioner? You also use it on your skin, I am looking for something to end with my black spots, I have them in arms and hands, have you heard something good to treat it?

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Olive oil 🙂

    • Tes says:

      Hi Maria, I don’t think Olive oil can help the gray that’s already there.  The smell of Olive oil is very minimal and not bad smelling at all so I don’t think our would have a problem with that.

      When I treat my hair with Olive oil I do shampoo as usual after.  I have not looked into Olive oil helping dark spots on your skin, not knowing what they are I really can’t comment on that.  I do know that Olive oil is very good for your skin and helpful in keeping it moisturized which in turn help to keep your skin healthy and young looking.

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