Itchy Skin? Can Natural Soap help itchy skin?

I can speak from personal knowledge on how terrible it is to suffer from itchy skin, having suffered from Eczema I can remember times I’d be so itchy and miserable.

womanscratchingarmGrowing up at home our soap was Irish Spring.

The doctors prescribed ointments and my mother altered my diet, but it got worse and worse until finally in my teenage years I began to research and started making my own soap……what a relief! Now diet was also part of it, but not entirely. If you think about it, your skin is the largest organ your body has and anything that comes into contact with it can be good or bad for you. In this case that Irish Spring and the laundry soap was doing damage.

Now I’m not saying that Natural Soap was the only thing that worked, but it certainly helped. That along with making my own laundry soap. Laundry soap like store bought soap is a detergent and can be harsh on the skin. Your bedding, your cloths they all come in contact with your skin and therefore whatever they have been washed with also comes in contact with your skin.

There are other home remedies to help with dry itchy skin and I’ve tried a few of them which I will share with you.

Natural Soap

soaplabelbrowntwineNatural Soap helps dry itchy skin because unlike the store bought soap, natural soap retains the glycerin.  Glycerin is known to work as an humectant, which basically moisturizes your skin by drawing water from the air into your skin.  Glycerin will also help to prevent your skin from losing moisture by adding a protective layer.

Most Natural Soaps are made with skin loving oils that contain antioxidants and moisturizing properties.

Home Remedies for Itchy Skin

Olive Oil/Milk – One of my tried and true recipes for itchy skin is to take a container and mix 1 ounce of Olive Oil and 1 ounce of Milk.  Shake it well and add to your bathwater.  It will leave your skin moisturized and help heal any dry skin that can cause itching.  Be careful as this can leave your tub slippery so use with caution.

Oatmeal – Use a muslin bag and put in about 1/2 cup of oatmeal and drop into your bathtub, I use oatmeal soap on a regular basis, which seems to help as well

Baking Soda – I have not used this myself, but Baking Soda is known to increase the PH of your skin, which will help relieve itch.

Cold Applications – cold and itch travel the same nerve fibers, so using a cold cloth, ice or running cold water over the affected area can give temporary relieve of itching.

Keeping well hydrated by drinking enough water and using moisturizer on your skin can help to prevent itch from dry skin.

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6 Responses to Itchy Skin? Can Natural Soap help itchy skin?

  1. Vivi says:

    My skin becomes itchy when it is winter. I try different creams and lotions, but only few of them help. I’ve never thought about changing the body wash might help to deal with the problem!

    I would like to try some natural soap this winter, but I’m just too lazy to make one by myself. Since there are so many different brands and products out there, which one do you recommend? Thanks!

  2. shrey says:

    I did have itchy skin for a very brief period of time and i completely understand how painful it could get sometimes. I had to clip off my nails because scratching my skin usually led to scratches and marks.
    The tips you have given are easy to follow and I would surely try them out.

    • Teresa says:

      Oh yes I remember having those scratches too at time. I’m glad that you found my post and it will help you get some relief.

  3. Lane Wesley says:

    Thanks for all the information on natural soaps. I am allergic to some soaps and I personally know the struggle of dry skin. I am using your suggestions and I have already seen great results. The olive oil and milk mixture in this article is really successful in controlling itchy skin.

    • Teresa says:

      I’ve been using the Olive oil milk mixture for years, don’t know what I’d do without it.  I’m really glad to be able to share that tidbit and here it is working for you.  Thanks for letting me know.

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