What is Acne Vulgaris – best treatments

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-8-24-08-pmIt is simply common acne a conditions that happens when dead skin cells and oils from the skin clog up your hair folicles and pores.

What is Acne Vulgaris called?

It is sometimes known as zits, pimples, blackheads or blemishes.

Vulgaris is the medical term for “common” and acne is the condition.

What causes Acne?

Acne is often seen in teens and young adults, the oil glands wake up around puberty causing the sebaceous glands to become overactive.  This is usually due to the fact that the male hormones in both male and female during puberty stimulate the oil glands.

The growth of bacteria that is normally present in the skin can also cause outbreaks of acne as well as some foods, but acne is most common during adolescence with estimates of 80-90% of teenagers being affected.

Some Cosmetics and skin care products will clog your pores, be aware of the ingredients that are in your skin care products, being careful to choose natural products.

Women often will have outbreaks before their menstrual cycle.

Acne can be one of two different types, inflammatory and non-inflammatory.  Inflammatory acne would be nodules and cysts where as non-inflammatory acne would be like blackheads.


With inflammation acne can come scars, the scare is created because withscreen-shot-2016-10-18-at-8-55-11-pm the dermal inflammation and abnormal form of healing occurs.  This is happens most often with nodular acne but can occur with any form.  If the acne has an abnormal healing response where collagen is lost then a scar will form.

Permanent scarring can also happen if a person continually picks at the pimples.  So be sure not to do this if you have an outbreak.

What is the best Treatment for Acne

When it comes to acne you need to develop a good skin care routine.  This includes what you put in your body internally as that does have a great effect on your skin health.

The nutrients you eat will contribute to your skin health in one way or another, eating fresh foods helps to supply your body with the nutrients to help repair your skin.  Supplementing your diet with roughage and lots of water to get rid of the toxins will help as well.

Cleansing and skin care are important, there are natural products on the market that can help with acne.  Some creams and lotions have natural oils that will help your skin to balance its sebum.  Hemp is one of those oils.

Acne wash, benzagel acne gel and washUse a mild cleanser and wash your face once or twice a day, a soap containing tea tree oil or activated charcoal can help.

Tea tree is antiseptic and antibacterial and the activated charcoal helps to draw the toxins out opening up your pores.

I have people that swear by either one of these.

Not everything works the same for people.  One person may swear by tea tree lotion and soap and another by benzoyl peroxide.  It’s your choice and whatever works best for you.

An exfoliator could help to remove the outer layer, which will help to open up the pores.

An antibacterial cleanser like benzoyl peroxide is often used.  It has beetea tree oil, art Naturaln known to cause skin irritation in some people.

Tea tree oil is also an antibacterial and would make a good substitute.

Depending on the severity of your acne the treatments can vary from doing nothing to medication, light therapy, dermabrasion and laser resurfacing to reduce scaring.

Acne usually goes away or improves as a person gets older, but some people do suffer through into adult hood.


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