How to make soap from Goat Milk

Goat Milk Soap Benefits Skin

Goat Milk
Goat’s milk benefits skin by moisturizing and helping to remove the dead skin.

It does this because the milks contains vitamins A and B2, which are known to be beneficial in helping to moisturize the skin

It also contains alpha hydroxy acids, which will help to remove dead skin cells.

Make Goat Milk Soap Recipe

handmade soap instructions

Step by Step Instruction on how to make soap

If you want to make goat milk soap any cold process recipe can be used.

All you need to do is substitute the water in the cold process recipe for goat’s milk.

Now saying that I must also point out that with using goat milk, or any other kind of milk it’s important to make sure your temperatures don’t get to high or the milk will get burned.

Freezing your Goat Milk

I find the best way to do this is to measure out the canned or fresh goat milk you are going to use and pop it into the freezer until it is partly frozen.

Sometimes I have forgotten it until it is totally frozen which is okay too, another option is to freeze the milk in ice cube trays.

The reason for freezing the milk is so that the sugars in the milk will not get to hot when the lye is added.

If it gets to hot it will scorch the milk.

When pouring your lye into frozen milk, be sure to add it by sprinkling it onto the frozen milk a little at a time.

If the goat milk is totally frozen you may need to add a tiny bit of water to get it going.

Once the lye starts heating up the milk will thaw, be sure that all the lye is dissolved and stirred in well.

Molding goat milk soap

Once poured into the mold I usually cover my cold process soaps for 24 – 48 hours before taking the soap out of the mold.

With goat milk soaps if it is covered and left it will turn out a darker bar of soap (I don’t mind this) but, if you would like a nice light color, then simply put the mold into the freezer for a day.

Take it out and let it sit for another 24 to 48 hours before taking it out of the mold.  This will give you bars that are white too off white in color.

Using Goat Milk Powder can be done one of two ways.  The powder can be added to the water and frozen as per the above instructions, or the lye can be added to water as usual and the powder can be added to the oils when they are cooled and ready to add the lye/water mixture to.

When you purchase the powdered milk, the packaging will tell you how much powder you need to add to water.  Use these measurements and just add that powder to the oils.

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