Shrink Wrap Soap – should you shrink wrap your soap?

Lately I have had a few people asking me about shrink wrapping their soap, I guess one of the benefits to this is that people will not touch the soap, put it to their noses when smelling it (that one always drives me nuts) but is wrapping it in shrink wrap good for your soap?

This question can be answered by what type of soap your are making, shrink wrapping melt and pours soap works well, but for cold process the consensus is that it needs to breathe. So….

shrink wrap soap

Shrink Wrap ends can be cut to leave open

Can cold process soap be shrink-wrapped so it can still breathe? It is possible if you leave the ends open to breathe or find a breathable shrink wrap for soap.

If you can find a shrink wrap that will work then my next question would be on an environmental level. What is it made of? The breathable shrink wrap is made of polyolefin which is made from propylene. You may want to read more on this chemical before making the choice of using shrink wrap.

If you do choose to shrink wrap your soap, remember to keep it out of the sunlight. It is best to keep any handmade soap out of the sunlight, but especially for soap wrapped in plastic as the plastic will heat up and the soap will begin to sweat.

sweating soap

I like to keep everything as natural as possible so when I wrap my soaps I use a band made from recycled paper. Here are some other more natural ways to wrap your soap Soap Labels for your Natural Soap

I did shrink wrap my soap for an event years ago. The requirements were for all soap to be shrink-wrapped, so I did as required (not liking it, because the soap can not breathe) I used a pin and pricked holes in the top to help with this.

When I got to the event there were 6 other soap makers and not one of them had there soap wrapped other than with a paper label, which I had as well and is the way I normally wrapped my soap.

I found that the left over soap I had after the event did begin to sweat after a while, probably because the holes sealed up and no air could get through.

Some soapers choose to leave the soap completely naked, but I don’t recommend that as there are labeling requirements that should not be ignored.

Important information on labeling your products

So my opinion is to wrap your soap with a cigar label and let it breathe.

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