How to make soap without lye – is it possible?

How to make soap without lye

Really there is no true lye free soap, because at some point or another lye has been used to create the saponification process.  For those who don’t want to work with this potentially dangerous chemical there are alternative ways to make a beautiful bar of soap.

Here are some recipes on how to make soap without lye:

    • Melt and Pourmelt-an-pour

      M&P is a good way to make soap without having to use lye.  Someone else has already done the lye process.

      With M&P you simple melt the soap and pour it into mold adding your choice of fragrance or scent.

      The only thing that would concern me with Melt and Pour soap is that often sodium lauryl sulfate has been added which can be irritating to some people.  There are M&P soaps out there that are free of SLS, which would be a better choice.

    • Hand milledsoapplain3

      With the Hand milled method you would grate natural soap bars that are free of any chemicals.  Preferably with no scent of color.

      The grated soap would be heated in a crockpot until it is fully melted.  The smaller your shavings the quicker your soap will melt. Once it is melted add color and scent.  Then pour it into lined or silicone molds.

  • Soap Kits

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-7-58-01-pmIf you are interested in soap making and want to make your own.  There are kits out there that take all the measuring out of it.  They supply exactly what your need and everything is pre-measured.

Most kits have a variety of color and scents to choose from and include instructions, leaving the guesswork out making soap.   This is a really good way to see if soap making is for you. These kits do require lye, but everything is measured for you.

A soap that does not contain would actually be a synthetic detergent, made from blending foaming agents and chemical surfactants.

Cheap shampoo, dish soap and some liquid soaps are made this way, they really are not real soap, but a poor imitation.  They consist mostly of water, chemicals and petroleum byproducts.

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2 Responses to How to make soap without lye – is it possible?

  1. Arta says:

    Hey Teresa

    The more I dig into any topic, the more I get to know about potential harms 🙁 this is so frustrating – I don’t understand why so many chemicals should be used nowadays… If talking about soap, I have learnt that soap coming in pieces is less harmful than liquid soap.

    Anyway – it seems it is much safer to make soap by yourself, then at least you can be sure what you have put inside. And this is so true not only about soap but about many things nowadays. It is very sad the world runs like this.

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks for stopping by the website. I prefer making bar soap I just love how it makes my skin feel, and knowing what is in my own soap makes it that much better. It is sad how so many things these days have toxic chemicals added.

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