Ear Wax Candles

Ear Wax Candles

Have you ever heard of or used Ear Wax Candles?

I have used them before and I find they have been very helpful when my sinuses were clogged.

Ear candles are the holistic treatment for ear aches, and they have become a very popular natural remedy for ear aches and infections.

They are now sold at most health food stores to help fight seasonal and chronic ear issues.

Ear candling will draw out any wax build up cleaning out your ears to help prevent any future problems.

How do Ear Candles work?

Ear candles are usually about 10 inches long and made of cloth and rolled in paraffin or beeswax. I prefer the beeswax to paraffin.

To use an ear candle the person that is to be candles will lay on his or her side, a small hole will be cut into a pie plate or paper plate and the candle inserted into it. This is to keep the ash from falling onto the person being candles. The tapered end of the candle will then be placed gently into the ear canal.

The top or wide end of the candle will be lit, once the candle is lit it will begin to pull excess wax from the ear. Once the candle has burned down to about 3 1/2″ it should be removed. This will take approximately 15 minutes.

It’s a good idea to have a bowl of water handy to put out the candle when it’s time, and also it’s best to trim the candle as it is burning – it will burn down, leaving the cloth to cut off. This will also keep the flame down.

Ear candles, candling

What Are the Benefits of Ear Candling?

Ear candling is claimed to remove toxins as well as earwax from the ear, by burning the candle it works as a gentle vacuum to pull these toxins and waxes from the ear.

To see what has been removed after candling simply cut open the candle and have a look. You will most likely be surprised at the amount of wax that is pulled from your ear.

Ear candling will warm, pull and dry the ear so this is something that I do no more than twice a year. I do find that it really helps for the sinus and when allergy season is here, the candling seems to help relieve the symptoms of hay fever as well.

The ear candles I recommend would be made from 100% Natural Beeswax – the smoke and ash is minimal compared to candles made with paraffin.

Where can I buy Ear Candles?

My pick would be 100% beeswax ear candles These are odorless candles.

These candles are reasonably priced at $19.98 for an 8 pack.

They are:

  • Made from 100% Natural Beeswax – Burnt smoke and ash are the least compared to candles made from other materials (such as paraffin), each hand-made candle can burn for up to 10 minutes.
  • Physiotherapy Effects – Help relieve chronic headaches, sinus conditions, allergies, dizziness, and mild hearing loss due to excessive accumulation of earwax, allowing you to relax
  • Warm and Soothing – No added chemicals, the natural aroma of beeswax that burns when burning, helps soothe the nerves, relax the body, and achieve the best physical therapy experience
  • Warm and Soothing – No added chemicals, the natural aroma of beeswax that burns when burning, helps soothe the nerves, relax the body, and achieve the best physical therapy experience
  • Safety Reminder – When using the candle, it is best to be accompanied by someone. When you use the ear candle, it is best to blow it off and then remove it. Need to use a tray or a towel pad near your to avoid burning burns on your face causing burns

This is a really great video showing how to use ear candles

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9 Responses to Ear Wax Candles


    Amazing concept used to clean the ears. When I started reading the part where the candle had to be lit, I was like, ”Flames in my ears????” LOL. And then the rest baffled me even more, that the candles act as a vacuum to suck out the wax. Damn there is just so much stuff online, and now I’ve learned something new. So glad I’ve never had this type of infection before, but this is great stuff because I know of many people who always have ear complains. 

    This post was awesome. Thanks for sharing such great tips on keeping the ears healthy.

    • Tes says:

      The thought of a candle that close to the face and ear in particular can be unsettling, but watch the video at the end of the post and you’ll see it’s not so bad.

  2. Zed says:

    Interesting topic … and is a completely untapped territory for many of us … I’ve started to read about this topic only a few months ago … And I have to admit, I’m more and more excited and interested …

    And fact is, a whole new industry is raising here … 

    I’ve also learned that ear candling is a very common therapeutic practice all over the world. It may sound strange for newcomers, but actually is a recommended procedure for a LONG list of symptoms. 

    Unfortunately it’s outlawed in many countries … 

  3. kemdi21 says:

    Awesome post!! Ive never heard of era wax candles nor seen one being used before. But its great to know that they are a good remedy for ear aches and sinuses clogged in the nostril. However since im interested in getting one, i would love to know if there’s any video that demonstrates how to use one of these products so i dont hurt myself while in the process. 

    Thanks so much for sharing really appreciate it 

  4. Cheryl Kohan says:

    What an interesting website! When I have more time, I’ll explore more of your posts. This post on ear wax is intriguing although I’m not entirely sure I want a lit candle near my face. I have never heard of this and I’m sure it’s perfectly safe but I’d have to think about it! 

    I do want to visit your other blog posts on the soaps and I will bookmark this page so it’ll be easy to find when I have time.

    • Tes says:

      Hi Cheryl.  I hear you, when I first found out about ear candling I was very sceptical and nervous about having that flame close to my face as well, but when done properly and with someone else there it is safe.  If you decide to try it just make sure to follow the procedures as recommend on the packaging as well. 

  5. Lakesha M Malone says:

    This was great information if you have an ear ache with lots of wax build up. Physicians do not recommend putting anything in the ear besides a finger to scratch the inner ear or a cloth to wash the outer ear. Children especially,  can cause more damage with a busted ear drum if they stick anything in the ear. 

    But a natural remedy that loosens up the wax and only removed a healthy amount is necessary for those that have heavy wax build up which cause ear aches. Thank you for this post. Lakesha

    • Tes says:

      Lakesha when using these candles – the instructions will come with it and they do not recommend putting the candle down into the ear, but just inside like your would when washing with a cloth

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